Leasing 2 cars!

Hi guys,
I haven been reading through the website for almost 2 weeks now, and I have gathered lots of info. I’m currently looking to lease a Bmw 4 series coupe (430 or 440) or Mercedes C300 Cope for my boyfriend’s bday and I have seen a lot of good offers posted here coming from California. I want to know how to get started? This is my first time leasing so I just want to make sure that I’m getting the best deal. I live in CT and I’m currently selling our two cars to Carmax. I also would like to lease a car for my self, an SUV( luxury preferred) or Mercedes C300.

Any advice is appreciated

sorry in advance if I’m writing this in the wrong spot

If you want to use “I am going to lease 2 cars from your dealership” as leverage during the negotiations, you will have to pick two cars of the same brand. E.g.

2017 BMW 430i xDrive and 2016 X3 sDrive 28i, or
2017 Mercedes C300 coupe and 2017 GLC300 4matic

What’s your budget for each?

Thank you for the quick reply, I’m okay with getting the 2 cars from the same brand if thats going to give me a better offer. I’m looking to stay under 500$ per each car.

Some BMW leases here at Beverly Hills BMW from @loberant … please follow his instructions. These are all “pre-negotiated” (better than walking into a random dealer)

There is also some dealers here that are on a “Good List”. The way you will get the best deal is to do the work for the dealer. Find the specific car you want, ask this forum for some data like RV (residual value) and MF (money factor), look around for discounts (here or Edmunds or Bimmerfest), do the math and present the deal to the dealer.

Chris, unfortunately Lobrant doesn’t have anything near the OP in CT.

Duh … saw the word “California”, not the part that she lives in CT

Are those dealers willing to do business with out of state residents? I don’t mind traveling for an excellent deal. Any other suggestion would be appreciated.

His closest would be Fairfax VA…and they are demo/CPO cars, not brand new. Nothing wrong with that, just as long as you know that’s the deal.