Updated bmw lease list 2-19-2017

***_Please email me first at raphael.loberant@sonicautomotive.com _

I used the wrong residual for 36 months on all the 2-series. I just deleted those payments and will update them shortly.

I’ll be trying to sell cars all week. Sorry I was late with responses last week. I had a few meetings and bought a LOT of cars.

I will have an additional spreadsheet coming with more cars tomorrow morning.

All payments are calculated WITH First Payment + Tax + DMV + Doc fee due at signing on approved credit.

If you’re in North Carolina and purchasing from Global BMW.

Payment listed is $400.

Your drive off will be $400 (first payment) + $288 sales tax (at 3% x 24 months) + $689 Doc fee + $88 Dmv.

These DO include the Acquisition fee.

They DO not include security deposits.

These are NOT the final figures. This is just an estimate. The dealership gives out the final numbers. My numbers are not binding, not an offer…etc.

I am NOT a salesperson. I am the corporate buyer for most of these stores.

Please CONTACT ME FIRST! Some of my dealers do not understand what I do here.

Texas and Georgia customers… You have to pay sales tax on the SELLING price. Not on the monthly payment.

BMW is changing the rules on leasing executive demo’s & loaner cars MARCH 1st. We will have to hit the residual an EXTRA 4% on any car from 5000 miles - 7500 miles. 7500-10000 miles an EXTRA 6%. AND… Used car values (which are HORRIBLE) on anything over 10,000 miles.

It will not get any better then this!

USAA Discounts and Corporate fleet discounts DO NOT apply.

No Loyalty incentives.

No Pull ahead applies to these cars as well.

Recent college grad DOES apply!

No more MINI deals for now. When they come back around, ill post them.


We can ship cars. Figure about 75 cents a mile. (use google maps… don’t ask me how much it is :))

I do have another load of cars that are NOT on this list yet. I will update it asap.

If you need to trade in a car, please email me photos, vin, miles, and your current payoff.

Here is the LINK to the spreadsheet.



Thank you,


I only see 7 vehicles on here. Did the rest of them disappear? I found two I was interested in on the iPad and came out to my main computer 20 minutes later and the list had changed.

@loberant I sent you a couple of emails earlier, really need to close out on a deal asap. I will go over the updated list and see if I can find something that I’m interested in and hopefully we can work on it.

@anon98469396 Download the sheet and remove the filter on 2 series.

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So this is what I did to help myself find the real “DEALS”. I went ahead and added another column (Q) here with a formula that takes the 36/10k payment and divides it by the MSRP of the car. Then multiply by 100 to get a decimal. Anything below 1% rule is a good “LeaseHackr” deal.


It’s already pre-sorted for the lowest “best” LeaseHackr deals. Feel free to apply the formula to other terms to see what you come up with!

Does one still get the 4 yr/50k maintenance on a 2016 BMW demo and/ or service loaner?

Yes. It still comes with the good plan.

Hate that I can’t access the spreadsheet from work :frowning: I’ll try my phone. Any deals for around $200/month in SoCal?

How are the residuals calculated, % of MSRP or fixed $ value (before mileage adjustment)?

I am in columbus ohio, looking for deals on x1, x3, 3 series.

For dealerships in Texas, do the listed prices already include the TX tax (ie. tax on the selling price instead of the payment)?

Tax is not factored into monthly prices on the spreadsheet.

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Yup a couple of 2 series

Ahh, I see. Missed that part. Thanks.

No problem - happy hacking.

Its based on the percentage - the mileage penalty.

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