Good Dealer List

Note: This is an experiment to build a list of dealers, by brand then by state. This wiki should only be edited by non-dealers on this forum. Good here simply means “no BS”, honest & won’t waste your time. If you recommend a dealer, you have leased a vehicle with them. Also attach your LH handle under “Fans” for some accountability. If this wiki goes sideways, @michael or @littleviolette will delete




  • Capitol Chevrolet

  • Tracy Chevrolet

  • Kuni Chevrolet

  • New Jersey

    • Princeton Chevrolet (centrally located in NJ)
      • Salesperson: Joann Vass (also Internet Sales Manager)
      • Brad in finance was great and no pressure
      • Fans: @BoardWalkNJ
        **New York ***
        Bob Johnson chevy Rochester, NY
        Travis in finance







  • New Jersey (close to Philly and NYC metro areas)



Chris, assuming we reply to add to the list or…?

New Jersey (close to Philly and NYC metro areas)
Mercedes-Benz of Cherry Hill
Salesperson: Debbie S.
Finance manager was also great.

New Jersey (close to Philly and NYC metro areas)
DCH East Brunswick Toyota
Salesperson: Dave Veary (internet sales); Alex
Finance manager was also easy to deal with.


Thanks for this info,
I will be getting a Toyota by March end as my Camry lease is expiring.
1 quick question… you are referring to DCH North Brunswick, correct?
Can I please mention your name /deal that you did with them when I contact them ?

This wiki is silly as so many outside factors influence a deal, incl personal purchase history, time of year/month, rebates etc. It discourages people from doing the legwork and I also don’t like the idea of sending these dealers unsolicited referrals, will make things harder in the long run for serious buyers. I vote this down.

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This is incorrect logic. We have a similar system in place at Bimmerfest and that’s where I found two forum sponsors that gave me the best blow-out deals in the US of A.

The users are the ones that will give the feedback. The wiki is a living and breathing document that if a dealer stops lease-hacking then we stop going to them. Simple as that.


I disagree, in the sense that even after doing the legwork you still need a dealer willing to play ball on the selling price while not marking up the MF and who knows MSD.

Just as an example, call up 10 Toyota dealers and see how many will take MSD.


Will PM you later with contact info etc

How about a worst dealer list? There are so many bad dealers with poorly trained salespeople and processes! However, this good dealer list is a great idea!!!

We will see how this pans out … the idea was to turn this into a wiki so it is more collaborative in nature (aka multiple people can edit the post maybe with some “history”) but can’t really find the controls that @littleviolette mentioned (the wrench)

I agree with max_g - though we have this lovely forum- members might not get the exact sweeta$$ deals just because we posted the deal numbers.

Too many leechers on the forum think they can just use what we have posted on the forum to get the same deal and in the end they either get mad at the dealership or come back on the forum to complain about it.

Please add this to the list as well @chrisgo


Mercedes benz of Laguna Niguel

Russ Ellis (Director) Bernie Mendez (Internet Fleet Manager)
Fans @Alex

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We are not here to defame others. In some instances you can get sued for defamation. (Good example; Infamous lawsuit with negative Yelp reviews).

“If you can, help others; if you cannot do that, at least do not harm them.” ~ Dalai Lama


Plus the overwhelming majority of dealers will not be hacker friendly so what’s the point. We only need a succinct list of the hacker friendly ones.

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…and some idiot may just add them to the “Naughty” list just because dealer said he could not do a deal at his numbers.


On that note:

“Speak a good word or remain silent” - Prophet Muhammed

“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all” - Thumper from Bambi :slight_smile:

I think if a dealer committed an injustice towards you and subsequently handled it poorly; they should be brought out in public and flogged on the forums.


At this point- we should create a sticky topic for Hackr friendly quotes to live by.

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I have made the first post wiki – everyone should be able to edit the list now.

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Will there be a history we can revert to, e.g. if something gets deleted?

There is a history log of the edits you can refer to.

Looks good @littleviolette, @Phantomcypher is already on it and the history works as well (just click on the icon upper right of the post beside the timestamp)

Added my two top BMW dealers in California.

My closed deals list so far with them:

  • 2015 3GT
  • 2015 5GT
  • 2016 X5M
  • 2016 i3
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