**Leasehackr Forum Feedback Wanted!**


I think this could work as an “embeddable” widget (kind of like how twitter does it)

So you will need a database of some sort (like firebase?) and then you will have to create some sort of ID for each calculator “run”. What you should get is some sort of URL like http://calc.leasehackr.com/123456 (or alpha numeric is fine too like a URL shortener – bitly or imgur style, please don’t do a UUID)

Then using that URL (or ID), you should be able to embed in anywhere (on the forums) or on any other website – again, see how twitter does it


If I understand what you’re saying, it would be like SpeedTest.net’s results? It generates a URL & anyone can easily embed their results to a forum or website


I’d like to have an option to block (hide) unwanted users to showing up in threads, so I can avoid seeing certain posters.
I think I saw this option before, but can’t figure out now.


Yup, like that. We are just collecting ideas, right :slight_smile: … actually, I think at the end of the day, if the “crowd” (aka, the fine folks at this forum) wants to do this, I’m thinking it will be a project in 2 parts:

  1. Open source lease calculator - there is a lot out there already so maybe we can repurpose something
  • Need ability to hook up to “database”
  • Need ability to have an embeddable widget
  • Developed on github.com openly
  1. Crowd-sourced data - this is the “google spreadsheet” idea but I think this data may need to have some basic UI (a little better than a spreadsheet) so updating it will not be so tedious. The end result is something like a spreadsheet. So the first couple of columns will be something like
                       jan 2017                                                  dec 2016
                       MSD | residual | MF | miles | months | 
  - model         
     - year
  • might be too ambitious as some data needs updating every month
  • a well designed UI may make updating it simple so that the “common” parts can be grouped together in one field (like does Brand allow MSDs), you shouldn’t have to update all the MB models with “Y” as an example
  • if the month rolls over, do we show the previous month data with an “asterisk” until somebody updates it
  • how can we break down the effort without making it feel like work? Do we assign something do BMWs, somebody else does MBs, etc.
  • how do we pick the most popular brands/models only, no point in building a giant database that nobody will use
  • what is reasonable to ask a volunteer per month - 1 hour to do updates?

Business side: who owns this once this is built? The software is probably not too bad but the data may be valuable or not.

We need a wiki..........[15 char]

All vBulletin-based forums have such an “Ignore” feature …not sure what LHF is based on.


A lot of times when I reply to people’s messages, it doesn’t actually show the “reply-to” name. I’m not sure if this is a common occurrence or just an issue for me.


An off-topic thread or category would be great…I’d be interested to know what hackrs think about the 2018 models just released at the Detroit Auto show, for instance.

Not that it matters much, but I think about UX these days…small things such as more people would probably use the ‘like’ functionality if it was, say, a thumbs-up icon rather than a heart


great suggestions @max_g. Agree on both. I would love a whole off-topic category. This forum has been my go-to place to learn about cars and deals lately and it’d be awesome to talk to people about stuff like the self driving technologies that were announced at CES this past weekend. Honestly, this ties into leases in my opinion because I feel like technologies are changing so fast that cars are no longer about power and gas mileage, but from year to year a car could go from having no self-driving tech to self driving on freeways, to mostly autonomous, to completely autonomous. Leases are significant for these ever changing technologies.

Also I like the idea of a thumbs up or plus or something. Heart is a little too intense for my taste. :wink:


When you click the reply button under a particular post, it should show the reply-to name on the top. If you click the blue reply button at the bottom of the thread, then you are replying to the whole thread so no name would show up.


Great suggestion! We have added the Off-Ramp category for all other things automotive!


I realize that, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to work always. Like right now it says I’m replying to @littleviolette but I’m not sure if it’ll actually show up as a reply to you.

EDIT: and of course the one time I wanted to show it as an example, it actually did work. A majority of the time it doesn’t.


Highlight the text you’re replying to, and it shows up like this!


using this https://www.discourse.org/


Happens to me too…

This is one example…it doesn’t show I was replying to Jason


yup, i’m still almost never getting a reply correctly attributed to the right person.

edit: see that was a reply to max_g.


This is one of the best forum software out there currently, you guys don’t want to deal with 1990’s style like 6speedonline.com and rennlist.com


What about a rating / thumbs up/down system. Let us know what the really good replicable deals are.


You can create a poll for this functionality.

To create a poll, click the wrench icon when you write your post and click “Build Poll.”


I’m having the same issue as @ng0 . Everytime I click to reply to someone, the reply box shows the person’s name on the top left corner, but after I click the reply button, the post doesn’t show as a reply.

Edit: Oddly enough, this time it actually worked for this post.

2017 Charger Scat Pack Lease Deal

haha, that exact same thing happened to me on this thread. :slight_smile: It’ll be interesting to see if this works.

EDIT: and… just to be clear I did reply to @Jon when I wrote this message. Showed that I was replying to him, but then it didn’t show up on the actual post.