**Leasehackr Forum Feedback Wanted!**

We should do “Truth in 6 Minutes”

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You’re not in it to help anyone. You’re in it to apparently extract $198 from people who don’t know better.

In order to access all my notes, my Quick Start Guide, my Million Dollar Rolodex, my pricing calculators, my lists of the best cars to buy for the money, etc….

I also charge a flat signup fee of $198. This includes a full 12 months of FREE updates.


LOL I knew it even without clicking on his 7 minutes abs link. But yeah, I gave him too much credit - he charges over $100 more :slight_smile:

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$189 plus 10% of what you saved on your deal by using his 7 minute secrets! hahaha

Or you can use a service that just charges a flat fee like $595 and don’t have to lift a finger. hahaha

Can you really put a price on advice like this???

-Whose motorcycle is this?
-It’s a chopper, baby.

-Whose chopper is this?
-It’s Zed’s.

-Who’s Zed?
-Zed’s dead, baby. Zed’s dead.


If I choose “Latest” can I go back to that instead of defaulting to “Categories” every single time?

All you got it wrong- it’s

“Seven. Minute. EHY-Aaaabs”

And yes- Thank you @michael and team for building this beautiful and unique forum for us. Happy Holidays and New Year! Wish you, your team and its users the very best. 2017 here we come!

Forgot to provide my 2 cents.

Perhaps archiving the forum part itself like the front page of the website. Have each month in its own tab. That way- if someone posts a new comment from way back when- it won’t show up as the latest. Cheers!

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Good job (20 chars) …

Yes “Latest” was our previous default homepage.

Can we pin/sticky a certain format for people to share deals?

Selling Price:
Rebates:(lease credit) (College grad) (BMWCCA)
Net cap cost:
Months/ Miles/ Residual:
MF: with # of MSDs
Due on signing: Total Amount (Breakdown MSD, registration,doc fee, tax on cap cost reduction. $0 down?
Payment: Payment pre-tax, Payment with tax.


Love the forum! I happened to come across it a couple weeks ago when I was on slickdeals looking at car deals and this has been my favorite site since! I’ve learned so much from it! I feel like I’ve completely unlocked the mystery and frustration of car buying/leasing thanks to all the stuff I’ve learned! Walking into a dealership and buying able to talk intelligently about MF, MSDs, Residuals, and incentives finally levels the playing field and it’s obvious you get treated significantly different.

My only very minor criticism is that a few times I’ve tried to jump on the site and I had problems being able to access anything on the forum or respond to posts.

One of the things that I could see being helpful in the future is some kind of way of tracking “best” sales prices (or % under MSRP), incentives, etc. I guess something like truecar, but for people that actually know what they’re talking about and don’t get bought off by car companies.

It would be awesome if more dealers like loberant would join in on the site and be 100% transparent. Would love to see dealers just post their absolute best price while accepting a fair but admittedly small profit. Maybe with enough volume these dealers would flourish and those of us on the site would get the best prices with minimal hassle. People generally hate dealerships because they’re sketchy. Maybe this site will bring dealerships and consumers together in an honest and straightforward way.

Thanks again!


I found this website through slickdeals as well haha :smile:


LoL. cheapskates of the world unite. :slight_smile: I’ve been recommending this site to everyone since I discovered it.


Same here. Just the calculator is good enough for me.


One request would be a quick way to see user location.

Tax in Los Angeles has gone down 0.25% as of today.

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Thank you for your suggestion. Could you elaborate on your calculator configuration save request? So far the only way to save the calculator result is to either print the webpage or take a screenshot. What output format do you have in mind when you are requesting to save it?

I have never taken a screenshot basically because I don’t like the format. I do however change my printer selection to create a pdf and save it to my PC. That way I can print or review online as needed. But not everyone has that ability. So giving an option to save as a pdf or spreadsheet might be helpful. I haven’t tried to create a spreadsheet for comparison of various scenarios. But if you go to any of the Dealer, Edmunds, KBB, etc. sites they allow you to choose a number of cars and compare them. That would be really cool for your calculator since in my case I am looking at a variety of factors to come up with a lease price. There is at least a dozen different scenarios per car model.
There is a site https://www.carbuyingtips.com/car4.htm Toward the bottom of the page is “Calculating your offer”. The last sentence has a “downloadable spreadsheet” which is copyrighted (but it’s just a spreadsheet). As you can see it is used to calculate the “best SELLING price”. I was thinking that your calculator might be adapted to something similar for “best LEASE price” given that there are a lot of tweaks that can be applied.
By the way Happy New Year and thanks for asking for my thoughts.

x2. People asking for opinions on offers should also follow the format.