Leasehackr Awards - who will win

Nominate by Posting the leasehack you have done or have seen on the site. (Link or otherwise).

Like to vote on each leasehack. Winners get bragging rights and obscurity for 12 months from @vhooloo crystal ball. You can like/vote on more than one.

Things to consider:

  1. % of MSRP as payment with $0 Down. (TTL paid upfront)
  2. Availability of the vehicle (mass production vs exotic)
  3. repeatable for other members and how it helped the community.

Nominate and vote away.

@HN308 ‘s BMW i3 deal was epic

2017 BMW i3 REX 12k/24 mths. One Pay $1303 or 54.29/mth - NJ/NY


I think @Masterblaster and their recent Encore deal deserve a nod, especially when you consider how many others were able to get something similar, and I’d venture to say that it even helped spawn @mani_is_kool and their ventures into group deals for members, brokerage, etc. Might not be a crazy unicorn in terms of rarity or high MSRP, but you can’t deny the ripple effect.


Easy. Just sort all forum posts by most viewed thread of all time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cough… Genesis… cough…

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Lol? Are we really doing this? The Maserati and Ftype deal I posted is a thing of the past- so I’ll step out of this one.

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Thank you @ElectricEliminator. It’s an honor. What started from a bet with my cousin for getting him a car for under $100 bucks a month so he doesnt waste 7k on a used car, turned out to be something so unreal, that I just had to dive in to it. I wont deny that on my first group by majority were locals from friends and family circle including my wife :yum: but numerous members reached out to me for replicating the deal and only 2 were kind enough to be a part of it even though it sounded crazy. Thanks @Jeoroc124 and @Whereswilder ! After being shut down by out of state dealer, I just made it a mission to make this deal as close to the numbers but locally in ever difficult S.FL market. I personally hit up 7 dealers, walking in and they all looked at me thinking I am nuts ! Thanks again to @glh280 who also helped not only me but other members as well. It would not have been fair to not give him credit as well.
For the second group buy, so many members reached out to me asking for the same deal that I just wanted to try it again After dealer reached out to me with higher numbers for April, I worked on getting the best I could, and pass it on to the community. Out of the 9 vehicles I could pull out from the dealer, they literally just stopped me today saying that we do not have a single preferred left new or demo and our salesmen are mad as they dont have 1sp to sell to walkin clients. I cant name the members here as I do not have permission but happy to say, 8 members benefitted from the deal.
Looking forward to work more and work out maybe another car for MAY ?!?!? :sunglasses: probably not an encore. Lets see !!!
Thanks again guys for the love and support!

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this would have to be divided into two categories, one for new and one for loaners.

@Lulu29 ‘s $239 mo sign and drive 330e was also insane

BMW 330e Loaner $239 sign and drive

35% off a 550i GT

X3 MSport for low 3s after drive off + tax

$110 all in on a 330e MSport


@inter101 - must be the best deal on XC90 ever
$373 2017 Volvo XC90 T5 R-DESIGN


Loving the 330e so far. Thanks for the nomination.

The repeatablity has that covered.

Not sure how I feel about awards and bragging rights…how much information will people be willing to share if they are trying to “win”?

There’s no prize. No one realllyyyy cares. :slight_smile:

Honestly, to me, winning is the most number of members able to help. I dont think im a bragging rights advocate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wasn’t there someone who got a c300 loaner in the $160 range? I don’t remember who it was

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Thanks for your nomination and I really appreciate you thinking about my post. My I3 deal was really epic as the numbers were just too good even for me to replicate at this time. I personally think the thread with most value to the community is the one which helps most people get the deal they are happy with.

Us LeaseHackrs single handedly wiped all of 2017 i3 inventory both new and demo in NY tri-state after my post and lot of people in other states had success as well.

However my Infiniti threads must have helped more people as the inventory on those is not limited and I get a new deal every month for a particular model and with multiple models to choose from Infiniti stable, a lot of people have benefited from them.