Lease Transfer 2017 Mercedes E300 P2 Package NorCal $387

Available for lease take over is a 2017 E300 with approximately 15K miles and 18 months remaining. This is a premium 2 package, Burmester, Pano Roof, sport package, etc.

Currently the payment is $598 plus tax. I have a $2,800 security deposit with Mercedes, you will get this back from Mercedes when you turn in the lease. On top of that $2,800 I’ll give you $1,000 upon a successful transfer of the lease. This makes your effective payment around $387 plus tax!

Buyer pays transfer fee. Must have good credit and be approved by Mercedes Benz before taking possession of the car. Everything is in good condition and due to a flat has very new tires on the rear.

2017 Mercedes E300
15K miles
Selenite Metallic Gray
Macchiato Beige Interior
Premium 2
Sport Wheel Package
19" AMG Wheels
Rear Deck Spoiler
Panoramic Sunroof
Burmester premium stereo

$64,185 MSRP


Pictures would be nice on this post.

Q? And what is the total mileage allowance on the lease?

Sorry not sure what Q means?

30,150 miles total allowed. Currently has around 14.5K miles.

Couple pics have been added.

You’re not asking for the MSDs back? If that’s the case, this is a screaming deal. So the assumer will net $3800 from you?

Correct. The buyer will net $3,800. I think it’s a fantastic deal. Have yet another kid coming in a few months and really need something with 3 rows before she’s born.

I would hope this goes quick then. Amazing deal. I’d be all over it if I was in the market for something.

Great deal, good luck with transfer.

That’s a very generous incentive (a $2,000 incentive would have sufficed). Anyone in the market shouldn’t think twice.

You also have a beautiful neighborhood and I want to live in it.

I’ve had a lot of interest but nothing concrete. I took a video and pics this evening if anyone needs to see more.

I also updated the original post to reflect proper mileage. As of today the car has 14,890 miles on it.

Thank you. I just want to move it painlessly and quickly so I can get my wife into a 3 row suv sooner than later.

Have had a lot of interest but nothing concrete, seems like you need pretty good credit to be approved by Mercedes.

I’ll probably post this up on swapalease if nobody from here commits within the next week or so.

What credit score required?

MB doesn’t give a number but I’ve read it’s 720+

I am interested - Sent PM

I am interested as well. If available, pm me.

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I see you took the time to read the entire description…:wink:

  1. The effective payment is closer to $385…let me know where you can lease a Premium 2 package E300 for under $400…or any new E300 for that matter.
  2. MBFS has a page dedicated to lease transfers that explains the security deposit transfers. I have the original lease showing the $2,800 MSD was paid and is refundable.
  3. You would pay a disposition fee if you lease a new Mercedes…so a mute point.
  4. You’re assuming there is damage…the car would currently pass a lease inspection with flying colors.
  5. You would be responsible for servicing a new one too, so again, it’s a mute point and the 10K mile service is complete, there is no 15K mile service.

If you would’ve taken the time to read, you would see the rear tires are almost like new…the front also have 80%+ tread. I doubt this will need a set of tires at lease end.

I’m always open to criticism but your post is so far off base it’s laughable. That said, enjoy your weekend.


Well said. Nota bene: it’s moot point, not mute point. :sunglasses:


Sorry, it’s past my bedtime. :grin: