Lease to rent out on Turo

I’m seeing Nissan Frontiers listed on Turo for $80+ a day.

Any thoughts on leasing one to rent it out on Turo?

What do the Frontiers lease for now?

Don’t think you’re allowed to rent out your lease.

(Yes you have a yiddishe kop, but what happened if it’s bait you after an accident or something similar)

Most lease contracts prohibit this.

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Really? Why?

Renting on turo is a headache
There’s always that one customer that’s going to ruin it


Let say the guy has an accident, who is liable? They don’t want to run after the other guy … that’s just one exemple

Most lease agreements forbid sub-letting (maybe BMW still doesn’t?). It’s their property and you’re assigning it to strangers, repeatedly, for a profit. Insurance or not, it raises the collateral risk.

if you want to be a Turo host, buy it. The captives don’t allow you to arbitrage their property in microtransactions.


It’s like that regardless of a leased vehicle :grinning:.

Doesn’t Turo have insurance?

I believe their insurance will NOT cover a lease vehicle.

Fixed your title OP

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I’ve read stories where it takes a lot of fight to get their insurance involved and at that point everyone involved knows you are using it for business.

Can you get a business lease for the same price?

Depends, and don’t forget your insurance goes way up once they know it’s for Business

Read up in the Reddit channel for Turo. It’ll scare you off.


BMW offers a car- and ridesharing lease program, but it is only available in certain areas, and tacks on a pretty hefty surcharge: an additional $2,100 for entry-level models, or $3,700 across the highline range.



I still see plenty of people on Turo, many with multiple cars.

Is there a good alternative?

If you don’t mind people treating your car like a rental… which a leasing company will not like or allow, go for it. Dents. Smoking. Trash. And worst of all accidents.

People do make money on Turo. Usually with smartly purchased and priced cars akin to what is in the what to buy for 10k thread.

This was an idea for a hack/hustle I researched myself and realized wasn’t worth the risk.


I rented out my lease. Made a couple grand doing nothing. Less work and more money than being an Uber driver

Which state?

Any accidents, etc?

Ohio. Not accidents involving police, but several damage claims.

I’m also a mott