Landfilling Procedure

There are some TH’ers who arbitrarily and egregiously selectively landfill comments which don’t explicitly violate guidelines, but rather seem to offend them personally. I’ve had multiple comments landfilled by one TH’er (looking at you @ursus) Most recently had one that was a direct response to another comment. Both were admittedly off topic, but were on the opposite sides of the political argument. One got landfilled while the other did not. Has happened many times before and to me is a clear case of censorship on LH, which should not go unnoticed.

Just like when TH’ers are able to give an explanation for why they lock a thread, I think the same type of explanation should be required when posters are silenced. I would love to be able to know why my comment was censored when the 50 others that were just as “off topic” before me were not.



Good luck. I have had similar things happen and the bottom line is there are no rules. It is completely subjective and based on whatever each TH thinks. And to be fair their have never bee

Despite this I love this site and just ignore what I don’t like. I advise you do the same because going down this road won’t lead anywhere you like.


I’m a little more annoyed at the blanket slow modes and or inability to add an edit.

Perhaps if there was an option to do a silent slow mode where your new response doesn’t show up publicly until the counter ticks over but allows for edits to account for impulsive replies and or reflection over your post.


True but we have to call out the BS so the actual decision makers know. It’s the only way to improve upon the site, if there is a desire to do so.

Fact of the matter is there‘a a small number of TH’ers who clearly take their badge a bit too seriously. Once you start seeing them silencing you because of their clear bias, you put them on blast. And their bias IS clear, all you have to do is look at their own posting history from years back. So it’s not a figment of imagination to make the claim.

Bottom line is that the guidelines are clear. Landfilling posts that don’t explicitly violate them but instead violate your personal belief system should be against the rules. Make a habit of it, and you should lose your moderating privileges. That’s my opinion.

@IAC i agree with you. Sometimes you have to wonder what the point of “off-ramp” is when the trigger happy culprits lock or slow mode threads that become heavy on participation. It’s like they forget the entire point of a forum like this is to communicate with each other.


I agree with you. All I am saying is it’s not going to change. So you have two choices. Accept it and enjoy the site despite this shortcoming or don’t come back.It aggravated me for a while now I just ignore it despite their being an obvious bias and posts from one side of the isle getting landfilled when others from the other side aren’t. It sucks, but when humans are involved there will always be bias.

Despite this I love this site and enjoy it very much. Don’t let them live rent free in your head.


Funny how the censor gods only work in favor of one side, isn’t it? You’re right but putting them on blast takes very little effort :grinning:. The site is great and has been a very valuable source of information/knowledge. If only some of these “Trusted” Hackrs didn’t live up to the alternative meaning of “hack”. PSA to those who need to hear it- it’s trusted hackers, not trusted hacks lol


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Dont worry about it. Just a bunch of komissars that have outgrown some of their utility. If you know anything about that system, the komissars did nothing but carry the party line in the military. No real tactical benefit in military doctrine. Kind of like HR people that work for management.

Some are good though and have some reasonable thoughts so just try to let them enjoy the little power they have.


That @alphawave7 dude is pretty chill though.


No one has time to explain every single post that was landfilled. Have you seen the number of them?

Oh and the slow mode… yeah, without that all those economic and such discussions have previous unraveled into crapshoot and had to be closed. So yeah, slow mode did allow such topic to continue exist while before they kept being shut down as in the 20-30 post down it’s all shitshow.


Of course not (although I do think some here do have the time). The suggestion to explain every single post was sort of made tongue-in-cheek, in an effort to shine a spotlight on the fact that a very select few TH’ers are using the landfill as their own personal censorship tool. But to counter your point, if the explanation was required, maybe these folks wouldn’t be as selectively bias in their almighty powerful landfilling privileges.

Man just let it go before we have to pay $8.

The forum is good and provides good info. Politics and religion people set in their ways. Agree, they need to chill a bit with the moderation but at this point I find it just amusing and provides a good chuckle. Overall, they do provide good input in leasing. Focus on the good not the rest.


I have a hard time not calling out the BS daily but the purpose of this site, at the end of the day, is cars. So I just remind myself of that…

At least we get to maturely discuss other topics that relate to the market occasionally here. I personally know a lot of smart people that used to lean left that are now fed up of what that has become. Just keep intelligently and rationally pointing out the double standards, first amendment is a great thing. Unfortunately this is a private website though and is going to be run in the manner the owners feel fit.


Everywhere doesn’t have to be politics… this is a website about getting good deals are cars. Yet here we are discussing the moderation policies of said website… social media is hopeless.

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I don’t think you read the original post. That’s ok. The issue was not that politics gets landfilled. The issue is that when politics is discussed, one side gets censored while the other does not. If there is a uniform treatment of the topic, I am all for it. There isn’t.

That being said, I’m over it. And yes it did feel good to call out the one “trusted” hack who is notorious for doing it.

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I don’t think this day and age of online life you can find any place without bias open or not. Originally we got here to find and learn about car deals mostly leasing. As the site grew in number of users “off topic” which quickly became a cesspool of polical blaming. So yeah… sometimes things go over board while cleaning :grinning:

And most of the time reading “who fault is that” feels like we are back in kindergarten because to me the question is what do I do next and not who is at fault third of those “off topic” threads comedown to.

It is off topic. And when it’s off topic in off topic sliding into politics… there are honestly other sites that I visit for that kind of entertainment and LH being more of less landfilling most of that is why at least I can still be here after all these years.

I agree with you. I just don’t think a moderator should pick and choose what he removes from a thread based on his own personal beliefs. If you are going to LF politics, LF all of the political posts. This guy doesn’t do that, which is why I believe he should lose his moderating privileges since it seems to be habitual.

My post directly addressed your OP. If you are going to say that you were not specifically discussing the moderation policies of this website then I missed something. The argument that “one side gets censored and the other does not” clearly questioning said moderation policies (written or unwritten). How can you make the claim that I didn’t read your post when in fact I read your post and commented on the content specifically.

I’ll help you out. The original post doesn’t make a grievance about politics being discussed or not, which is what your previous post alludes to as the main issue.

The original post is regarding bias among those who control your speech on this platform.

But again, over it. Feel free to move along.

You clearly aren’t over it. This is a very reddit style of discussion. Are you going to ignore the rest of my reply or what?