Just leased a Chevy Trax, 15k/yr, $768 drive-off/one pay lease

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: [2017 Chevy Trax LS]

MSRP: [$21,895]
Rebates: [$6,075, main ones are Toyota conquest and Farm Bureau]

Months: [24]
Annual Mileage: [15,000]

Total Due At Signing: [$768, one pay lease]

Thanks all for the knowledge to let a deal like this happen.


I wish i leased a toyota about 3 years ago. Would have jumped on these deals. Great job.

great deal. What is your location? What was the selling price before rebates?

We are definitely getting closer and closer to the free lease

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It really pisses me off GM will give $3,000 to an Asian lease but only $500 to loyal customers. Not a good way to keep your loyal, informed customers happy.


Don’t worry. This month’s gm lessees will be next years pissed off customers. You should go and lease a kia now in preparation for next years bonanza.

And why are you peeved other people are getting good deals lol. Good for them!!

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This is some rumination right there. No one has a crystal ball on these deals. If we did we’d be cashing in on the market!

amazing deal.

Does a Lexus lease count for the conquest $3000? It is a Toyota basically.

I can guarantee you there will br a GM lease deal next year lol

No, the luxury brands don’t apply for the $3000 conquest.

So a Lexus is “basically a Toyota” in your opinion…yet you have a Lexus lease.

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I’m not peeved at those getting the deals… I have 3 GM leases in my driveway that only counts for $500 instead of $3,000.

Wow, this is getting ridiculous :slight_smile: … here we thought @willwar14 only does crazy BMW negotiations but here he comes on the GM cars – great job man!

A lexus is a toyota for which you overpaid lol

Hi willwar. How about negotiating a good deal on a maybach lol??

Here’s what I couldn’t make sense of, the selling price on the contract is $20,335.76. By my calculations it should of been well over $1,000. But I wasn’t going to question it lol.

From what I calculated, between the Tax, Registration and Doc fee, It was about $780. So this is essentially a free lease.

Thanks man :). If Mercedes releases some lucrative 24-month E-Class lease numbers like they did a few years ago… Expect to see that next… lol.

As much as I would love the idea of having a S600 S-Class in my driveway, I would not want to be responsible for a $200k+ car. I can only imagine insurance on that thing lol…

We lost the OP on this one but the E-Class is out there $430/mo “unconfirmed”