2017 Mercedes E300 lease deal $430 pm 36 / 10

Here is the lease offer for 36 / 10k. Please let me know your thoughts

Months 36
MSRP 58025
Selling price 48500
Downpayment 0
Sale Price 48500
Residual 62%
Residual 35975.5
Lease Amount 12524.5
Monthly lease 347.9027778
Tax rate % 9
Monthly Tax 31.31125
Lease + Tax 379.2140278
Money Factor 0.00059 (10MSD)
Interest 49.840545
Total 429.0545728
Fixed cost 1800 (1,095.00 acquisition fee + 650 fees)
Overall Lease Cost 17245.96462

Monthly Lease cost 479.0545728


That’s a great discount, even better than a 5 series.

Did Mercedes Acq. cost go up on the 2017 cars? I thought it was $795 across the board?

Nevermind I think I remember the dealer is allowed to mark-up the Acq. fee to $1,095 from the base fee of $795. Pure profit.

Very strong offer. I would take it.

Has anyone got a deal like this on the drop top version of the vehicle?

If you add autopay and drop the MF by another 0.00010, you’ll save another 8-9$ per month. Other than that, the numbers add up. You might be able to negotiate and add 2 pre-paid servicing for free (worth approx. 750$).

Yeah this is after auto pay and 10 MSD. Any thing else I can do to bring it down to $350 per month. I followed the thread on this forum and it worked so far to get here.

See if you qualify for fleet incentives.

@rockingninja I agree try getting a FEP/Fleet Incentive, it is an extra $500 on this deal on the e-class. Also, try 24 months. The discount on a new car is great. The best i have seen on the 2017 is a $12,000 discount and that was on a demo.

Yes I have fleet discount too. Looks like I have exhausted most the offers. Will it be good idea to push further on Selling price and lower MF?

It looks like you are getting buy rate money factor and your discount is pretty huge. I can’t imagine you are going to do a lot better. I would pull the trigger at that price.

Nice deal. Which dealer are you using?

This is a solid deal on this car, especially since it’s a brand new model. Nice hacking!

Can you share which dealer?

Perhaps Mercedes is feeling pressure from the new BMW G30? They have to pull someone into a three year commitment before they cross-shop it with the Bimmer.

@rockingninja this is a similar discount I got on my 2016 when it just had launched. I got around 17% off so I would jump on or at least put a deposit down.

I agree. This slightly beats the discount I received (15%) at year-end on my 2017. I simply can’t imagine much improvement here.

Hi rockingninja,
can you pm me the dealer details. I am interested in this deal!

Hi rockingninja,
Can you help pm me the dealer details , would like to see if I can replicate the deal.

I assume the OP is a copy/paste from a dealer email…they really need to stop using decimal places like they’re going out of style! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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