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Always a pleasure!

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Jim just hooked me up with a phenomenal truck in no time. Messaged him yesterday, truck was in the driveway today. Amazing service, full transparency. Nice guy to boot!

(yes that is my drawing on the ground… im learning.)

Thanks Jim!


Been a member on this forum for 4 years now and I was always fascinated by what Jim offered to this community. Just picked our new 2023 Runner SR5 through Jim’s services. In and out of the dealer in under 45 minutes. For anyone reading this in NYC, don’t bother visiting our local estabilshment and waste half a day being jerked around. Hop on the train and drive back up in under 6 hours round trip.

Thank you Jim!


Enjoy! These 4Runner deals are one of the best things out there right now!

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Amazing unbeatable deal. A friend of mine needed a new Toyota, she thought she wanted a FWD Toyota Corolla cross and down here in Tampa (Autonation, and other dealers) between dealer add on fees, nonsense you don’t need etc. their quotes ended up being 4000+ MSRP.

I reached out to Jim and he pointed out the RAV4 is superior, found us a Toyota RAV4 LE all-wheel-drive at $1500 under MSRP with no other fees aside from $195 for temporary tags and documents. It was a killer unbelievable unbeatable deal in today’s market. He helped arrange the transportation it was totally painless took about 35 minutes of our time and the car showed up in three days from payment. Shipped from New York. This is the second time I’ve helped a friend using Jim. If you want an easy experience from an absolute flat out pro, have Jim get you your next Toyota. We wasted about six hours of time dealing with local dealers. You’re going to get the best pricing, best experience by using Jim.


Thank you @Jrouleau426, I just hooked up via text message and less than 24 hrs we are the proud owner of Kia Forte GT-Line. You are great to work with and made car buying process so easy and transparent. The dealer had all the documents ready before we arrive to pick up the car (45 min total time). Thanks again Jim! We really looking forward to working with you on our next vehicle.


I had been looking for a decent deal on a Tacoma TRD Pro and I was finally able to get one with Jim’s help. Much, much better price than I could get locally. Thanks!


Jim came through again! Took delivery of my TRD OR in Electric Lime this last week. No surprises, and the dealer was amazingly responsive as always!


Love it! Enjoy!

Another great experience working with Jim! Picked up my new 2023 Tacoma TRD Sport today. 2nd time working with Jim and this transaction was as seamless as the first time. Thanks again Jim!


Another great deal from Jim, my 2nd lease from him.


Just wanted to give out a HUUUUGE SHOUUUUUTOUT to Jim. just got home from picking up my loaded Tundra SR5 Off Road. $61K+ lease at $692 out the door price. Worth every penny!!!. All of my next Toyota’s are going to be through Jim. Smoothest car transaction. Gone are the days off spending 4-5 hours dicking around the dealership.

I’ll post pic’s tomorrow.
Jim is the best!!!


I’m on my 3rd Tundra with Jim - no better deal out there!

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Thanks guys! I might not always know my repeat customers but I always give everyone the best deal from the start! Enjoy and glad to save everyone money!


First time working with Jim. Patient with all the questions. Shared my preference of truck. Jim shared available vehicles and prices. I picked one and he shared DAS and monthly payment details. I agreed, paid him via zelle, got a call from dealership. Did credit check, insurance proof, validation of agreed deal. Went the next day and picked up my 2023 Tacoma TRD Sport 4x4 4dr white the next day. In and out in 44 mins.
Paid Jim’s fee ($500) plus first month payment ($475). 23 payments left. Truck comes with Toyota care for 24 months.


So unfortunately i worked with this person and i cant go forward with a deal due to financing and religious issues. Jim pressured me into making a deal(similar to how a dealer would do) putting me on a time crunch and not letting me ask any questions about anything related to the deal. He said pay first, ask questions later. I paid him for the trd tundra pro. 2000 dollars on top of msrp for it and i had to cancel due to rates. Jim has not issued any refunds for this. Please save your money and stay away from this scammer of a broker.

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Ok first it didn’t fall apart because of financing. He said the rates were too high.

This was a highly desirable white tundra pro at 71k msrp. I charged a 2k fee accordingly. 2.5 weeks later he says he doesn’t want it, after I told him I don’t refund and be read my terms, and he could use the fee towards another vehicle.

He tried to switch tundras twice during this process as well but said he didn’t have time to research rates? Suspect. He was approved at 8%. I told him he could do a credit unions around 6% probably. He never mentioned religious banks or anything until today.

He just wants to get out of the deal and I lost the vehicle bc of it. I tried to sell it last night for 5 hours as well to help out. Today the dealer gave it to someone on their wait list.

How can I force someone to buy a car? I told him this will sell fast and if he wants it he should lock it up soon.

He also said he can pay cash but doesn’t want to etc etc. this is just someone cancelling a deal which I don’t refund for after holding the car until the week it’s arriving.

This wasn’t a sob story if someone losing their job on an affordable car and not being able to buy. I’ve refunded those plenty, legit or not. But just someone that doesn’t like the high rates and/or had second thoughts about buying a tundra pro. He was very indecisive about colors etc the whole time so I’m leaning in that direction. I even told him if the colors he wanted came up I would help him to get out of this one into another.

He could also have leased this and sold it for $80k making a profit! But he said he doesn’t want it to hit his credit. :thinking:

Just wanted to post the original complainers recent thread where he is in fact financing and paying interest, which he said was against his religion. Not that I have to defend myself anymore against his slander, there’s 100s of positive reviews for my service here. But just leaving it here…

Sierra 1500 Denali 2023 (5.3L) Dealer Purchase Offer


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TLDR: Just picked up my truck (Toyota Tundra) last week from Jim’s dealer and have to say the whole experience was a 10/10. I’ve purchased 4 cars in the past through dealerships (Volkswagen, Honda, Audi, Volvo) and this was the easiest, most straight-forward experience I’ve had. I spent less than 1 hour at the dealership when I went to pick up the truck!!

Early January 2023: I contact Jim after lurking on this forum for a while. I was skeptical of his deals because I’m in Texas and I first contacted another broker/dealer who posts here for Texas. Texas dealers are wayyyy overpriced so I was not sure about Jim’s prices. I had done my research, test drove several models, and build out the truck i wanted on Toyota website, so I had a good idea of what I wanted. Talking to Jim was really simple and he was very clear and straightforward on pricing, options, what I’m getting etc…I told Jim what I wanted in terms of truck model (Tundra), pricing (>45k), color/options, etc.and he worked with me from there based on his inventories. After going through a couple of back and forth on different trucks, I decided to lock in a Tundra.

Deposit/Lock-in: I sent Jim a paypal with his fee which was also the deposit to lock in the exact truck. Since all this was done over text, I was a little worried. At this point, he handed me off to the dealer. Within 2-3 hours, his dealer called me to get some preliminary information and introduce themselves. This was good since it helped relieve some anxiety talking to someone on the phone. At this point, the dealer rep confirmed everything with me and that was about it. No VIN, No contract, No anything at this point. Again, I was worried at the time but looking back, the dealer didn’t have any of this info like a VIN or any contract at this point so they gave me all the info they had.

Deal: I got the most base Tundra you can possibly build. It’s a Tundra SR 4x2. In Texas, no dealers even want to waste their precious allocation on this base truck. But Jim got me one and with $3.3k off. His fee is nothing compared to the deal he can get you. I honestly can’t believe the deal I got on this thing. Even during the normal times, I would be happy with this deal. No way any Texas dealer can even come close to matching this.

Next 4-5 weeks: The dealer rep was awesome. He was professional, clear, and honest in all the steps. He kept me informed of the stage my truck was in (pre-production, production, QC, delivery etc). The truck actually came in on the exact delivery date he had given me (once he had a estimate after production). During this time, the rep also worked with me and guided me on best options for financing and insurance. I loved that at every step, he gave me options but also recommended me to do my own research and ask my own bank/insurance broker for quotes.

Delivery: I came from out-of-state to pick up the truck. We had arranged financing and gotten insurance beforehand. On the day of pickup, my dealer rep was out so he handed me to another sales rep on the floor. That person was just as professional and caring as everyone else had been in this process. They pulled up my truck and paired me with a tech person to setup my truck tech and check out the features while they got me a financing manager to sign the final paperwork. Within 30-45minutes of arriving, I was done signing and drove off.

Thank You so much, Jim!!! We love the new truck and appreciate your straight-forward and professional service. Even though I’m in Texas, I will definitely be buying my Toyotas through you from this point on. You have my trust 100%. Will be recommending everyone I know to you.


Thank you Jim for a seamless process and for delivering great service. Easiest and most positive vehicle purchase experience I have had. I am happy with my new ride