Jeep Accessories Thread

I just ordered these door hangers per a recommendation.

In MA, it’s illegal to drive without mirrors so I ordered these.

Finally, ordered these steps so we dont have to literally toss the kids in.

This guy is also awesome:


Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 3.52.32 PM


Does gas count as an accessory?


Donald Duck Lol GIF

Someone has been on an accessories shopping spree :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure I’m staying completely stock on mine, assuming it actually arrives, LOL. I may add the hard rear tire cover in body color but thats it most likely.


Is there a cheaper alternative out there?

Not that I am aware of…I looked at that master series one but at almost twice the price, I think I’m going to stick with the soft surround.

That said for the full on G wagon G wagon G wagon look (if one has an HA with body color top or Sky Touch), the full hard surround cover would be the way to go​:heavy_check_mark:. Mine is HA with sky touch…but man…500 bucks…:thinking:

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I’ll buy these for you if you put them on your incoming Tuscadero Wrangler


I just have a sahara on order, but I do love the look of these. My neighbor has one in black with steel ring, looks sharp.

I seriously want to get a flag like this.

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Thank you. I’ll return the favor and buy you these.


Quickly realized I’ll go broke accessorizing this beast, so I’m metering purchases, so far:

Rockslide Tailgate Table

Deezee No Drill Roof Rack-not installed yet, waiting on hardshell RTT.

Quick sunshade:

OhShit bar tray:

Console Organizer:

Costco Michelin Cut to Fit Trunk Mat:


Tyger makes some decent looking, reasonably priced tube doors that will accept the factory mirrors. I’m considering picking them up at some point.

I’m actually very impressed with the quality of their products for the money. I have their fold up tonneau cover and Tyger Rider side steps and they have both been great. 180 bucks for tube steps seemed too good to be true but they installed without a hitch and have held up really well.

I really want that Scrambler kit… I wonder if they could do an Eliminator version? :joy:

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Mine is still in transit but I picked up the mopar grab handles

And a tow hitch, mainly for my bike rack.

Thinking about getting a headliner too.

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Loved the idea of this

Ordered it and installed it today

Terrible quality

Maybe I’ll lemon law it with those people complaining about the Mexican BMW brakes


anyone find a decent cargo cover?

Odd! Mine is stiff ABS, fits like a tight glove, looks exactly like the lower pic on AMZ. Lemme know if you find something better…it’s cheap enough to toss for an upgrade.

[Seven Sparta Grab Tray for…]

This fit perfectly and the quality is good