January SOCAL VW and Subaru Hacker Deals



No 18 Atlas Left


Not on the spreadsheet.

I’m in the market for an Ascent Premium 8-Passenger, depending on the numbers consider Leasing or Buying.

Text sent.


I was wondering if you could work up some numbers for the 2019 Jetta SEL. Thanks in advance!


Im off until noon tomorrow, can do it then.


Sent the text :slight_smile: looking for a Tiguan


Hi @rubbergash, do your sale prices include the rebate or are they before? Is there an $11,500 rebate on the E-Golf before the $7,500 rebate?


The Sale Price Includes the Rebate.


Hey Hackers.

January is Here.

Lets Hack some Deals.

See it on the sheet, pick a car and I’ll have you in and out in under 2 hours start to finish.

Don’t see it on the sheet, let me know (Only if you are in the market to Lease This month in SOCAL) and I will work it up for you.

Also, I will beat anyone else’s deals if you have the deal in writing from another dealer.

If you have any questions let me know.

The January Spreadsheet is just getting started and you can see it here: SOCAL Subaru and VW Hacker Deals

Call or Text me to set up an appointment



Thanks for all the hard work Dustin. Can you work up the numbers for 36/12k on a 2019 Atlas SEL?


Can you add 2019 Jetta SE and SEL for 36/12?


VW is in the Process of Releasing the New Programs Today. The Programs will run from Today until the End of February. I will get the spreadsheet updated either later today or tomorrow once all the programs are announced.


If you can post numbers for a 2018 GTI S it would be much appreciated. 10k miles 36 mo.


Do you have any other e-Golf deals in the works? Ideally looking at the SEL Premiums.


Does the Golf R still lease terribly?


Is there a new spreadsheet link? The one above appears to be missing a lot.


He might be behind on work so just sit tight.


We have not been able to replicate this deal for a while but it’s back while inventory lasts.

$996 Drive Offs Down and $199 Per Month Plus Tax on a 2019 Tiguan S FWD

It’s on the spreadsheet along with the E-Golf and a few other great Hacker Deals.

See them here: SOCAL VW and Subaru Hacker Deals

Call or Text me to set up an appointment



No Ascents?


Are you in SOCAL and in the market?


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