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For those of you who have leased or purchased from me in the forum please leave your feedback here! Any positive or negative feedback is greatly appreciated!

Those who are looking for transparent rock bottom pricing right off the bat for any Audi please feel free to call or text me at 626-646-9882 or check out my thread at Socal Audi Fleet Price! under Marketplace. Thank you!


Just wrapped up a lease for an Audi A3 Premium with Ivan. It went as smoothly as it possibly could. He was completely transparent, gave an amazing offer right off the bat, and once we very quickly finished up the terms of the lease, I was able to sign the lease and get the car shipped over within a couple days (I am in the Bay Area so the car had to be shipped up). The bottomline is that Ivan is professional, responsive, and willing to give you a great deal without any need for haggling! Thanks again, Ivan!

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me! I am a very very satisfied customer. :smiley:

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Closed on a 2018 A5 Coupe with @IvanAudi a few weeks ago and the entire process was smooth and easy, just how car buying should be. Ivan was 100% honest and transparent, and even gave me some tips and pointers to try to save some more money. Probably the best experience I’ve had buying a car and would definitely recommend him to my family and friends.

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Ivan got me a lease on an A3 cabriolet. I love the car, and Ivan was great to work with. Honest, responsive, friendly and professional.

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@IvanAudi is responsive, patient and upfront with his numbers. He made the entire leasing process so easy, and the finance manager was easygoing too. I highly recommend him and have been telling my friends and family about him. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about my experience.

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I leased an A4 Premium Plus from @IvanAudi back in early May 2018 and it was a pleasure working with him. He was very responsive to my texts and any questions I had, and we came to a quick agreement on a deal for the car. Flew out from NorCal to SoCal on Saturday morning and was driving the car home by noon. I would highly recommend him!

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I found Ivan thanks to this website and couldn’t be happier. Super responsive and efficient. Easiest lease transaction ever from beginning to end.

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Had a great experience leasing an 2018 A4 from @IvanAudi a while back. Walked me through all the lease details without pressure and offered a low price from the beginning. Other dealerships could not beat the quote he was providing. Ivan was very responsive and we handled much of the deal via email, so I spent very little time at the dealership. Makes you wonder why everyone else can’t be as professional and genuine.


Had a smooth, hassle free experience leasing a 2018 Audi Q5 from Ivan. I live out of state in NV and most of the paperwork was done via email and express mail. I didn’t have to set foot into the dealership until I went to pick up my car. Ivan is very professional and exceeds expectations as far as his customer service and communication. If only all car purchasing/leasing experiences were like this. I am strongly considering just to remain with Ivan and Rusnak Audi for my future car leases/purchases for their ease, transparency and honesty. Thanks Ivan!


leased a S4 from Ivan back in May 2018, Ivan is responsive, patient and upfront with his numbers. He made the entire leasing process as easy as buying a TV and i was in and out the dealership in an hour in my brand new S4. reach out to Ivan before you buy or lease an Audi. Can’t recommend highly enough

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I spent 6 months researching prices, dealing with multiple dealerships, and also multiple brokers here on leasehackr for a new Audi Q5. There are a lot of mid size SUV’s that give great leasing deals (like the Lexus RX350) but the Audi Q5 will not get anywhere close to the golden 1% rule. Even accounting for this and having a realistic expectation didn’t prepare me for the slogfest of absolutely horrible quotes. It was a new model design that was in pretty high demand, and no one really had the motivation to give me a good price.

Anyway, as a result of looking for so long, I really knew my numbers. When Ivan sent me his offer, I took it right away, no haggling. It was just that good. A broker I was speaking with at the time thought Ivan was BS’ing me just to get me in the door because he got nowhere close after combing all over SoCal from LA all the way to San Diego.

I never thought I could walk into a dealership and have them just give me the papers to sign, zero upsell, zero haggling. No having to sit with random people trying to get me into protection or warranty plans. Also no funny business with the numbers - everything was laid out exactly as he has promised over the phone - no BS fee or extra charges.

Ivan has absolutely earned the right to be the first place I shop in the future. He’s a class act. In an industry full of sleezeballs he’s a breath of fresh air. I can’t recommend him highly enough.


To echo on the positive feedback above… reached out to Ivan to get a quote on an Audi Q5 and he gave me a really aggressive offer. Was awesome to work with and very transparent in his process. Would highly recommend anyone looking at Audi to reach out to Ivan FIRST before you reach out to anyone else. Thank you, Ivan!

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SoCal A4 Premium Tech A4 FWD Special

I leased an Audi S5 SB from Ivan back in June. Starting with the price, Ivan’s up front offer was better than other local dealerships after several trips/hours of negotiation. But that’s only one part of it. Ivan’s level of customer service was 5/5. We essentially were able to negotiate terms all over txt/email and all I had to do was come pick it up. To go the extra mile, when I came to pick up the car, there was an unforeseen issue with some of the paperwork that would take 24-hours to fix. Not a problem, I van set me up with a free Q3 loaner to hold me over since I had Uber’d to the dealership. Will gladly do business with Ivan again.

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Internet manager here. Ask me anything!

Ivan literally has an AMA (ask me anything) thread…why are you posting these questions in his review thread instead?


Everything good you hear about Ivan in this thread is true. Total pro. No nonsense. Attentive. Just a great experience beginning to end. Texted him on a saturday. Drove the car home on a sunday.

Thanks Ivan.


Just a quick plug for @IvanAudi - working with him right now to help a friend pick up a car from him. He’s been incredibly responsive and helpful right off the bat (literally responding within minutes). We had to make a slight change to the car we were looking for, and I fully expect we’ll be able to nail down a deal.

Came in thousands less than the competition with no negotiation on our first quote.

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Gotta throw it down for @IvanAudi. Worked with him to help my friend get an awesome deal on a SOA A4. Everything was handled in one 5 min phone call. Complete straight shooter with no BS. He’s the real deal.


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