It literally PAYS to drive electric, literally / Sold one to Kia Dealer

Jumped a few hoops before I could make this post, but it’s (almost) settled now so I decided to finally post this.

Said goodbye to my 2022 Kia Niro EV two weeks ago. Being my second EV, my only complaint with the Leaf was the range, and the Niro was definitely more than adequate for my needs, maybe even giving me more opportunity as I drove almost 10k miles in 5 months. Wasn’t planning on selling but with the mileage I do and what I was being offered I needed to do it.

2022 Kia Niro EV EX


Graphite Grey / Black

Cold Weather Pkg

9278 miles

Original Adjusted Capitalized Cost (01/2021): $32,332.69

Current Dealer Lease Payoff (05/2022): $31,178

Agreed Upon Buyout Price: $37,000

Balance (paid by check) $5,882

5 payments of $379.89 = $1,899.45

"Net-Profit" : $3,982.55

/ 5 months = $796.51 p/mo PROFIT

This was the highest offer that I got by 3k, but the dealer was located 2.5 hours away. I was ready to drive it down and rent a one-way rental car on the way back, then they offered to PICK IT UP, couldn’t be happier.

Driving electric has been great, and having free L2 charging on campus at my school and a free DCFC charger at a local Nissan dealer, it cost me nothing to drive it, I didn’t even bring it in for my first service (tire rotation & fluid… all an EV needs) which was free :see_no_evil:

Now time to go over-pay for it’s replacement… unless I have other tricks up my sleeve :wink:


Nice job, but what are you getting into next?

I liked the Bolt EUV but it was too expensive for what it is.

I really liked the ID.4 AWD, mistakenly passed up on a few canceled reservations with a small mark up now I can’t find any with any mark up.

With the announcement of the 6k price drop on the Bolt & Bolt EUV I’m saving to buy one of those when they drop.

NJ EV incentive also is projected to come out in July so I’m kind of waiting for that too.

In addition I have an order on a VinFast VF8 & an ID.4 AWD


i have taycans!! they’re fun. i promise :wink:


so what are you driving in between

Nothing :cowboy_hat_face:, I’m home from college for the summer so I use my parents cars when need be, or rely on the kindness of my friends. Slowly going insane, might get something temporarily and take a little loss.

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Would be nice for a few months, but I could only float those payments so long before I’d have to flip, let alone getting an approval

what do you have thats available? i may be interested

theyre posted in my porsche thread

oof. im in cali haha

any dealers taking orders for those?

You’re in college and already making a profit flipping cars!!! Nice job


Look for an Ioniq 5 SE trim. You don’t have to wait 5-6 months to make a profit.

Get one around MSRP or slightly over and flip it within a month and you make similar to what you did with the Kia.

Being a student you might not have much tax liability but there is a 7500 tax rebate which you claim on next years tax return as well.

As soon as NJ rebate starts, the dealers in NJ will bump up the prices by the amount of tax rebate as they believe it’s for them to keep.

Also comes with free charging for 3 years at electrify America.

Is the resale value that strong to justify paying adm? Genuine question, as I haven’t been tracking

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Below is the actual data for SE AWD.

I was trying to do what @HN308 is suggesting but after test driving the car is extremely overpriced, I can see values on these dropping sooner rather then later. Wasn’t worth the risk for me as I was planning to drive it for 6 months.

Value is something that every person determines in a different way.

My ioniq was bought by a dealer in colorado who has it listed for 61K. They have been buying multiple of these units from NE and getting them shipped there.

All the new electric cars (mostly Tesla) I have been selling in Auction mostly go west or to Florida.

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If its a quick flip maybe someone can front end $2k when the flip shines is being able to take advantage of $7,500 federal. All I’m saying is i’d dump this thing ASAP.

Both my RWD model 3s went to FL :smile:

with these gas prices?? absolutely not. it’s a more than adequate model y competitor.

in my personal experience, not even close.