Is 20% off MSPR on a 4000-mile 2020 BMW M340i loaner too much


Saw a 2020 BMW M340i loaner on dealer’s website, which has about 4000 miles, happens to have the option I really want: Driving Assistant Pro(it has ACC and I really want to have it).
Dealer is located in TX, about 200 miles away from me. I’m in north Texas.
The MSRP is 60,945 with some small dealer add-on about $800.
Sales started with some numbers: $1500 down, $699 per month for 36month, 10k miles.
I pressed for details, sales give me some number which is way too high.
I put a calculator together, messaged back with 20% off MSPR, $520 a month with everything included.
Sales laughed at me, said Honda accord cost more than this.
Am I asking too much on a 4000-mile 2020 loaner?

They said no, so it sounds like you are, at least to that dealer…

First dealer doesnt always just say yes. You gotta grind for the deals you want.


lol, good response. But in all reality, how much should i shoot for for a car like this?

It’s a pretty in demand vehicle, the dealer is rolling the dice that someone will come in over the next couple of weeks and take 10-12% off and roll out with it.

You can shoot for 20.

You may not get it, but only you can decide what deal is right for you.

And, some dealers will laugh at you along the way, until one may bite.

That said, if someone reached out to me asking for 20% on an M340, I would probably not reply :slight_smile:


I checked on cargurus, the car has been posted for over 100 days now. I guess they are waiting for that person to come.

I don’t think even anyone on this forum has got past 15% on an M340i loaner or new. I would look at the best deals on here and maybe add a few percent. Honestly 20% is fringe unicorn.


I would be shocked if they gave 14-15

During your research here, have you found any deals near 20% on a loaner m340?


You might be able to get past 15% in a few months when 21 M3’s start showing up.

I saw people got pretty close, with definitely less than 4k miles on it.

Not 20%, but around the 15-20% range. I started with a high % off so maybe we’ll come back and forth at it. But he didn’t ever counter it.

once 2021 hits, can we still lease 2020 models?


$800 hard adds? I know the store.

15% is a very different conversation than 20%.

When you overshoot the target, your offer is more likely to end up in the trash than with a counter.

If you want to end up at 15%, offer 15% and if they say no, walk. Don’t offer 20, thinking they’ll counter with 10 and you’ll dance back and forth until you meet in the middle.


lol. Some flashy floating wheel caps, M floor mats that are almost $300 dollars. smh

Thanks for that advice!

Good luck getting that in TX without a broker. Couple dealers were straight turning me down when I was asking for 11% on new models. Best counter was 7.5%.I had a dealer come around to 10.1% at the end of May but he gave me the end of month, gotta move this unit vibe.

:point_up::point_up:What they said. To add to what others have said, it is a popular car so there is no reason for a dealer to give it away at 20% off pre-rebates.

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100 days is not a lot. Most dealers probably have really cheap floor plans now… weren’t we discussing birthday cars on LH not long ago? :slight_smile:

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