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And the 2019 S4 too. Hoping to get my hands on a 2019 order guide.


I get very confused about how to go about setting a target selling price. Are people usually looking for $1,000 below invoice or $2,000 below invoice or…? Does this depend on the brand? What is a “reasonable” offer to a salesperson in relation to invoice (if that’s the way you guys see it)? Is TrueCar actually helpful for the customer, and if so, which price on the graph do you aim for? Thanks for doing this! This is fun to read. :slight_smile:


It depends on the brand and make.


I found this topic to be very interesting! As an individual who has friends that have sold new and used cars, as well as owned dealerships, I find “the dance” entertaining and the whole supply/demand aspect fascinating. As strange as it seems, sometimes the dealerships have to reel in their sales force because of units moved. If customers continually cruise a lot that does not have the most popular vehicle, or version of vehicle, they run the risk of no sale.

When I was looking for a 2017 Honda Accord V6 Touring Sedan, I spent very little time at any dealership that (1) did not have the model and (2) had a small selection of the model. I tired of the “we’ll be getting more in” statement … especially since I knew Honda was shorting the production to move on to the 4-cylinder 2018 models.

What made the scenario worse; when the local selection of new 2017’s had been nearly depleted, every dealership was asking the $35,580 MSRP and not budging a penny. Since I knew that they could, and did, go as low as $26,000, I only became irritated with any of the BS they were trying to feed me. If I cannot get 20% off MSRP, I don’t even bother.

I get it, dealerships are in business to make money and return customers, referrals, etc. That’s great. Sadly enough, I’m trying to buy a new vehicle … cheap. Whatever I can glean from this website and forum, I can take to the bank - both figuratively and literally.


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When all the 2018’s are close to selling out. probably beginning 4th quarter.


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Thanks Ivan. I will contact you toward end of the year when my current lease close to the end.
In the mean, let me know when your dealership willing to move the RS5.

I believe Audi offer 3 months pull early on the current lease.

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Depends how the broker operates :slight_smile:


Great response. Profound.


Hi Ivan - I’ve read through some of your posts and understand that it’s easier to get responses if you ask a dealer less instructive questions (I.e., not asking about MF, etc.) and to focus a little more on DAS and monthly. Do you think asking for a certain price in initial emails is OK? My thoughts are I can do some Edmunds searching and posting to find the residual and MF numbers so if I can get the dealer to commit to a certain sales price than I’ll be able to figure out my monthly and all that. Thoughts?


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@IvanAudi Thanks for the transfer of knowledge. Read this thread top to bottom.

I have a question regarding inbound leads. If I submit an inquiry on the dealer website, and I get no where with the first sales rep, is it possible to get reassigned to another sales rep (or someone manager level) that might know their stuff a bit more? Just wondering if it is proper to try again with a dealer but with a different contact (and not writing off the dealer entirely because of the initial experience).


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Is there any incentive for State Workers with Audi? Does Audi have an MSD program?

2018 Mazda CX-5 GT and Touring Lease numbers

Just call and ask to speak to a manager directly. Speak to someone how has the ability to desk a deal over the phone. When you reach out to a dealership it is a hit or miss. If you’re lucky you’ll find a right salesperson who knows their stuff right off the bat or you end up someone who is new to the industry and needs to ask a manager for a quote.

When can you come in?

Unfortunately no, the only attractive program Audi has are for those who work for Audi. Audi does offer MSD but it’s a pain in the butt to calculate. It’s not that attractive and you are only saving on average $20-$30 a month.


At the end of the day it’s payments for me. What good is an excellent selling price when they just mark up the money factor? They can agree to selling price but won’t agree to a MF.

Focus on comparing MSRP, DAS and payments only. If you have dealerships competing for your business the dealerships will have to discount the selling price in the end since residual is fixed and the MF will most likely be at buy rate.