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Recently, I came across a few dealers refusing to make a deal with msd. Since they got nothing to lose (as I understand) why will they let go a sale if that’s the only potential hold up.

Do the sales/people at finance not receive enough training to work a deal with MSDs involved.

Why would they refuse?


MSD isn’t generally trained at all. Its very rare to do them. I am the only person at my store to do them and I am only 1 of 2 here that know how to do them.


Would it be upsetting for the dealership to lose a sale just because they lacked on msd


Probably not. Char20


Only finance managers typically know how to do it and good luck asking them to help you desk a pencil. And for the most part if a client is asking for MSD’s it’s most likely a very ugly deal to begin with so dealerships are more inclined to lose a sale versus risking a resign because they made a mistake on the calculations on MSD.


this is exactly why i never understood BMW removing the MSD program a year ago. There were so few people using it that it shouldn’t have had any negative impact financially but to those that were using it helped keep them in the BMW family.
Now they came back in select markets with a MSD program that’s not as good as the old one, available to only those who are currently in a car with MSD (depending on who you ask) and less MF reduction. So a diet MSD version not available to everybody. Just doesn’t make sense.


So I had this issue with a dealer couple days ago. I wanted to get a m550 bmw with specific trim and options, I searched online and inquired to a lot of dealerships, in the end only one of the dealerships had it in stock and they replied telling me that they have the car and quoted me the price I wanted. They are located 40 miles from my home, so I came all the way there, signed all the paperwork for credit check, provided my tax forms, they pulled the credit which was excellent, then they told me that the car is not available anymore, they said it was at a different dealership in the same state, but when they called them to get the car - they were told that it was built for a customer and is not available anymore. So I got my credit score pulled and wasted the whole day for nothing. I traced that car by vin number (from the quote they sent me before), called the dealership that had it in stock and they told me that they have it available. So what is happening here? Is it some shady practice to get me in the dealership and then sell me something I don’t want?


the dealership you ran credit with thought they could trade with that second store to get the BMW, after calling they told your dealer to kick rocks pretty much. it wasn’t built for someone it was simply declined to trade.


Can they do that? I mean they basically lied to get my info and credit score. And now I have to run the credit check and get through all that again if I want to get the car from the dealership that have it? Kind of a dick move imo


When you sign you give the dealership consent to run your credit, there’s not much you can do since you gave your consent. I recommend buying within the same week so it doesn’t affect your score that much.


Why would the dealership not confirm they could trade for the car before having the customer sign the paperwork?


I agree. If the dealer was being honest, they would have made the arrangements to secure that vehicle in trade before the customer traveled and they ran his credit. Or at least they should have been up-front that they didn’t have the car but could obtain it for him. I don’t think there is any action you could take, but I would definitely complain to the general manager about the behavior of the sales staff. And if I were you, I would tell them that they should honor that deal on a model ordered to your specs. It’s the right thing to do. And if they don’t, I would let them know that many potential customers are going to here how that dealer does business.


why would dealer trade prime merchandise for a customer without a credit application. even with a deposit it is refundable. Dealers need more commitment to trade for something, more true on a vehicle that wont sell easily.


I agree that they should disclose that it would need to be traded, I always disclose that it is contingent on getting the car when I ask for credit.


I understand that, but like you said, they should have been upfront that there was a possibility of not getting the car.


Yes, they should’ve been up front and disclosed this. OTOH, they thought they could do a trade, and got burnt. They’re not going to even initiate a trade unless they know the buyer would qualify.

Honestly, there’s not much he can do here if dealer B isn’t going to trade the car to dealer A other than trying to buy from dealer B direct. He can complain to the store GM, and the GM might be able to ask finance to pull the app from the bureaus, so it doesn’t show. He’s not going to get any type of financial compensation, if that is what he is looking for. However, if he buys anything within the next 30 days and runs his credit again, theoretically, it shouldn’t matter to his score, as FICO is supposed to treat multiple applications in 30 days as rate shopping, and not ding your score further.


Don’t all the hard pulls combine into one for a car loan anyway? If so, nothing to worry about


Thank you for all the replies, I am not looking for any compensation or anything, I am just wondering if it’s a normal practice to do that since I usually just show up at a dealer and get a car without any issues, but this type I needed a specific bmw with options i selected.

The biggest thing that bothered me is that they lied saying that the other dealership already sold a car to another customer and it was for someone else, while the other dealership told me that it’s up for sale and they can sell it to me the same day. At least be honest and tell me that the car is available at a different dealership so I can get it from there instead of wasting my time by offering me something I don’t want.


its 50/50 depends on who you talk to and how THEY do business.


To add to it, if you contact both dealers about the same car, you end up competing against yourself for that vehicle.