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Really depends on the dealer. You will find some that will need to meet a goal but you will also find some that have already hit their goal and don’t need to help.

My deals are the same on the first and the 30th. The date doesn’t matter to me… Though I don’t work the last day of the month. :stuck_out_tongue:


With sales, there’s always going to be good months and bad months.

@IvanAudi actually already answered this in response to. Since this a long thread I’ll help you out here:
“If a dealership is 4 cars away from hitting their manufacturer quota to get for example $80k from the manufacture and it’s the last day to make it happen. It makes sense to lose a total 10K combined for the 4 cars to hit their number. With that being said, that RARELY happens and most dealerships never cut it that close every month.”

So yes and no. You can assume that if the dealership is having a good sales month, that “last day” rule won’t apply if it gives them a loss.


If the salesperson would explain at the outset why they are so focused on a perfect review, i think that 99% of people are honest and would do their best to give constructive feedback and a great score, and be a little more understanding and helpful to the saleperson. I had an awesome car buying experience recently (like nothing i’d ever seen), but that deadlership was rated 4.9 on yelp - the highest in the region - no surprise there …


A great score is 100%. Otherwise, the salesman fails. Regardless of the salesman explaining at the outset, the system is completely flawed, and I feel bad for the sales folks who have to deal with it.


Oh come on now you’re making me feel guilty again. Still staring at the survey on my desk… :joy:


That is not an answer to my question. My question is, why would the manufacturer run their sales marathons ending on a known date (last day of the month)? Why not vary the end-date of these marathons? Is it a reporting/counting thing (i.e. dealers only report sales data on last day of the month, manufacturers only sample sales figures on last day?) As a savvy buyer, I can use this information to find a dealer who might cut me a great deal.


Because it is simply easier to use the calendar month then to switch to a random day every month. And for what purpose? So the customer knows that the sales month ends at the end of every month? Big deal. Like previously stated, dealership don’t wait till the last day to meet their quota.


Exactly right. If the dealer does it’s job right, they should be coasting across the finish line for their quota by the end of the month.

Now, it doesn’t always happen that way, but that is the goal.


So once again it goes back to the quota. Dealers are trying to make a push all across the month to meet the quota. As an example if we went back to the deal that you got… If the dealer offered that deal at the beginning of the month they would start off at a loss. Typically as a sales plan, you wouldn’t want to start off at a loss. Some times there are reasons why a dealership would do it, ie. you had way too much inventory, etc.

If you’re referring to how the end of known date is determined, the last day of the month is usually selected for accounting purposes.

Hope that answers your question.


Have you thought about how much havoc this could cause? Reporting, accounting, etc are overheads that every business tries to minimize, not complicate.

Up next: why don’t companies pay their employees on 5 random dates every quarter?


This post is amazing! I have a few questions related to the 2019 model year.

(1) When will the new 2019 Q5s be available - when could I actually take possession of one? Everything I’ve seen online says they’ll be available later “this summer.”

(2) If a 2018 Q5 has an MSRP of $55,000, what do you expect the 2019 MSRP to be assuming all else is equal? Very similar, right?

(3) I assume that as we get closer to the day 2019s hit dealership lots the deals on 2018 models will get better and better. Let’s say I have a lease deal on a 2018 Q5 right now for $650 a month, how much better do you think that deal will get in the next few months?


this is a great thread, thanks @IvanAudi

I actually was an ABS several years back at a dealership and enjoyed my experience- we did all our numbers in the open and being upfront about it made the whole system work better. I had an employee lease on an S3 for 420/m, nothing down, 36/12500.

Anyway it’s been a while and I’m wondering about the RS models. Are they at all leasable? I’d love an RS3 (open to a RS5) as my next car but I don’t want to buy. Can it be done? is it ridiculous? The RS3 I want stickers at less than 60K btw (black optics, dynamic, rs design only options), and it seems like the only option is to buy it outright. If I took that road I’d custom order and take euro delivery.

Anyway, thanks for your time


RS3 and RS5 is ridiculous… I’m fortunate to work for a dealership that has the same philosophy as yours. What are you doing now if you don’t mind me asking?


No timeline yet. Probably end of July. Right now is the best time to lease 2018’s as when the 2019’s come out they won’t lease nearly as well as the 2018 model even though it’s pretty much the same car.

When that time comes all the good 2018’s configs are gone and usually only the black on black Q5’s remain or the ones with weird option combo that nobody wants.


the new management kicked out the shady dudes & it was so nice just showing real numbers.

yeaaah dude the RS ones are nuts. absolutely worth it tho, hand built beauties like that :star_struck::star_struck:

I sent a DM to answer your question btw


Currently leasing a S5 with 8 months left. Thinking getting a RS5 or buy back my car after lease end?
How bad is the MF for RS5? Is it better to lease with US Bank other than Audi Finance?

If I buy back my car? Is every dealer charge the same to get the car CPO? Do you (salesman) make money when customer buy out at lease end?

Warranty - How long extended warranty I can get? Audi or third party warranty?

Thank you in advance.


I did that once. Though it was because the dealership was not honoring a $250 check they said they would cut me (in email) as part of a purchase (they jacked up the GM card points redemption, and said they would cut me an equivalent check instead).

I pulled the pin on the CSI grenade as they did not mail me my check, and held it to the salesman’s head and threatened to let it go unless they cut me my promised check. I felt bad because the rep really didn’t have much control of the situation (sales manager was the one that wrote the email pledge), but they promised it in writing. The sales guy was ready to write a check out of his own checkbook till the dealership finally wised up and cut the check.


Very very bad it’s over $1,000 monthly with $5k out of pocket.

Don’t know if certifying your car is worth it. It only gives you an additional year and if your car’s tires brakes and rotors are not 50% or newer then you must get those items replaced before they can certify it.

We charge a $350 processing fee on top of your pay off you buy out the car from Audi. The only advantage is saving a trip to DMV. We do get credit for it. It counts as a sale.

Never had any personal experience with 3rd party warranty. It’s just like buying insurance, depends how risk averse are you.


Always get what’s owed to you on a DUE BILL when you sign the sales contract. Whether it’s a key chain, or dollar amount owed to you. Don’t ever take someone’s word for it even if it’s through email or text.

I hope you didn’t ding him on the CSI.


Ivan, any idea when the 2019 A6s will be out?