Infiniti VPP question

What’s required for Infiniti VPP, a work badge or a paystub or both?

Also, does owning a Nissan count towards Infiniti loyalty?

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Most Infiniti dealers I work with require a pay stub for proof or a letter from HR.

Owning a Nissan does not count towards loyalty nor does it qualify for conquest!

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Ok thank you. You’d think the GTR would qualify for loyalty :confused: . I believe my GS350 is sufficient for conquest

Call them up with a sob story and ask for one:

Is the link correct?

“Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”

I called Nissan VPP and asked for one. :slight_smile:
Thanks to this Hackr:

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You were able to get it by calling? I tried numerous ways in May to no avail. Got some other code which was bs; pre-approval up to 600, and some other useless stuff.

Yeah, apparently they cancel anything once it becomes common knowledge. Like the SCCA membership - just as I was inquiring about it, they canceled that one too…

I got a $1500 VPP code buy telling the customer service agent that my wife had an accident and it was difficult to check her blind spot (true), so I need extra off to afford the tech package (not true). This was Feb '18.

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I think in Feb, they were allowing some call-ins to go through. Havent heard of that working in the last few months. I saw on the Nissan/Infiniti Business Associates List that there are some companies listed with <10 employees. Might be time to create a company that has some contract work with them. Now that the SCCA loophole has been closed.

Heres my take all spare all the details. I currently own a new altima non lease. I need a nicer car for work I do high end real estate. So ive been looking between a 2019 Mercedes Benz C300 and an Infiniti Q50 Sport. I called the number provided in the formum told the agent is there any way to get VPP or any other incentives to earn my business three day later I get my code for vpp. However the vpp code intitles me to get the car for what the dealer pays infiniti. I’m not sure if this is tbe best way to go Ive heard that sometimes. Its better to go for a straight deal through the dealership rather than vpp. Not sure whats the best route to go can anyone confirm. Thanks

Does your VPP have a claimID? If so, that pricing verbiage is fairly standard. The trick is finding a dealer who will sell below invoice and then apply the VPP rebate. The brokers on this site have that negotiated through their dealers, but when I was shopping for a truck earlier, I had trouble finding a Nissan dealer who would do that. Everyone said if they used VPP, they had to sell at the VPP price.

Do your clients a favor and drive them in something larger than a C300.

They sent me a claim ID.I’m planning on the Q50 sport how would you go about structuring the deal based on having VPP with a claim ID?

I own Hyundai now. Unfortunately, it is not part on on-going Infiniti conquest (Winter Bonus).

Similar to VPP advise above, does calling customer service help in obtaining rebates for conquest? I wasn’t sure, hence thought of asking. Just trying to find ways to make Infiniti deal better. Thoughts??

I logged in and got a VPP code but the dealership also asked for a recent pay stub.

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I am the one who called Customer support and got VPP more than once. I was the one who put their details which is copied earlier in this post as well and I can tell you the paystub is not required. My employer don’t participate in VPP but I have used the code without any issue.

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HN - anyway to get conquest (Winter Bonus offer) in similar fashion?

I don’t know of any specific way to play around with conquest. Maybe buy a clunker of craigslist, register it in your name and show that registration. I am not sure if there is any fine print which requires you to have owned the vehicle for certain days but that would be some effort and will cost almost half of the benefit buying something and registering it.

That’s good for the folks you helped. I was responding to the question from the OP with my experience. When I got my Infiniti recently, not only did I generate and get the VPP code but the dealership also needed my paystub to confirm employment and VPP status.

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Did you get customer accommodation VPP code? If so don’t need to show proof.

If it is employer VPP cod then we need to show the proof of employment, right?