Infiniti QX60 Lease

What should I suggest as a rebuttal to get these numbers= closer to $400 a month?!

PS: Working on a VPP discount and a breakeven payoff on my Infiniti Q56 trade-in.

LEASE 2018 QX60
State: Maryland

39 months

$53,460 MSRP

$47,931 Price

$29,403 Residual

$1633.86 Tax

$351.00 Registration/Title Fee

$300.00 Processing Fee

10k per year

0 down

$21,000 trade value

$23,000 payoff

693.00 MONTH

I would get a quote on your trade from Carmax then go to a different dealer.



I am actually selling my 10 CX-9 to Carmax as well, my highest dealer offer was only 5,000 and carmax is giving me 8,000.

why does it say your price is $47931, when i you go to the link you provided it has a price of

Difference between purchase price and lease selling price, perhaps?. In my area, the incentives Infiniti offers to dealers are $3k larger for a purchase, so they can discount purchases more than leases.

he states he’s leasing above

LEASE 2018 QX60
State: Maryland

But the link to the vehicle is just to the dealer’s web page advertising the vehicle, where the lowest possible price would be posted in order to convince buyers that they are getting a good deal. My guess is in this case, they are publishing a purchase price (and might be including other incentives like VPP or loyalty) to make it look like the price is really low.

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You are getting a 10% discount off MSRP. See the other threads posted by @Sgtr275 where people were getting 16% and 18% off for similarly equipped MSRP vehicles. Most of those included an extra $1000 in NY lease cash which may not be available to you in MD, so your theoretical discount might not be that large. Target 15% and be happy with 14%. Also, if you are registering vehicle in MD you have to pay full tax - did you have a trade in as that $1633 tax figure looks low. Be sure to use MSDs to drop your monthly ~$65.

Here is a sample calculator for MD at 14% off.


A few comment on the numbers. Selling price of $47,931 is high. The EZ price $44,806 is a lot more reasonable even thought I think it can still be a bit lower. $3100 is a big deal here because that is effectively $80+interest/month. You should get that clear.

Also work on the Money Factor by using MSD. Using $44806 and MF=0.0005. You should be able to get this for ~$390+tax a month a month.

What does the $21000 trade and $23000 pay off mean?

Now to the car, do you really need that theatre package? I will skip that and get the Driver Assist package instead. MSRP will be $52,645

I’m at a different dealership… Here is what they are saying:

Option 1

Option 2

Can you explain what “EZ” price is???

Sorry, I don’t understand what is the Trade Allowance, and trade difference?

Can we not consider the trade in and focus on the clean lease to see if the lease make sense? Then consider the trade in to see if itself also make sense?

In Options1, I think a $53K car with selling price of $46k is not on the low side. And what is the base MF for this lease? It does play an important role. Ask for MSD to reduce it. In my lease, my payment went from $429 to $369 with 6MSD. For a $52645 MSRP QX60. That was with March numbers

Here we go (without trade in):

Option 1:

Option 2:

The trade in has a huge impact on the total tax as it reduces the tax burden since MD is a full tax state at 6%.

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The more expensive one is a 13% discount and the less expensive is 14%. You need to find what MF they are trying to charge.

Even if there’s no equity in it?

Using leasehackr calculator, for you to get $619 with $0 down, your MF is 0.0028 (6.72% APR) This is super high. According to Edmunds, the current base MF is 0.00159, this alone will bring down payment to $525. Them you can do MSD

Can you shoot for 17-18% off MSPR? You are getting 13% off.

Using MF = 0.0028 in calculator match the number in option 2 also. So yes, they offer you a high MF.

MF= .00125

Also they are telling me they can only apply either a Loyalty or VPP code, not both.

Correct, notice how tax about doubles between the first deals and the second deals, because for tax purposes the selling price was lower, even though it really wasnt.