🔥 🔥 INFINITI QX60 348 PER MONTH $0 Down 🔥 🔥 [NJ]

I have one Graphite/Graphite base QX60 Awd left.

355 w/ taxes and fees paid upfront. Fees include (doc,dmv,bank, and sales tax).


With all NJ taxes and fees it comes to out of pocket of 2750, ZERO DOWN PAYMENT. MUST HAVE CONQUEST.

EDIT: Previously rolled in fees, to remain competitive i’ve lowered my price to reflect that.

MSRP = 46,110
Sales Price = 39,900
Rebates = 1,000
MF = .00012
Residual = 55%


What is lease conquest and can i use VPP?

Why are taxes paid upfront? Are they not due with monthly if not NY resident/registration?
Orange you not going to do MSD to save another $10??

Vpp can be applied. 20 characters

No NJ requires it upfront as well. MSDs cannot be used with Infiniti if the base money factor is below .00021 right now it is .00012

What would this be for 15k Michigan resident with VPP?

Lease conquest is having a competitor’s lease.

What is your tax rate? I am not sure if this area qualifies for the extra 1k in lease cash

6% on the monthly. They are offering employee pricing to everyone in the Detroit Metro.

This is a good deal/ I propose upgrading the title to 5 fires and 1 hot pepper :fire::fire: :hot_pepper::fire::fire:fire . @xparco posted an offer from a dealer of 390+1.5k down on Qx60. If he is still looking, you guys should talk @nyclife.

Ps I don’t know @nyclife from Adam, but I have a feeling for my next lease, I am gonna let @nyclife do the hustling for me. He seems to get great deals :slight_smile:

I thought I’d have fun with those emojii’s :slight_smile: . However @xparco did come to me, I never heard back after many long conversations and inquiries from him.

Subject to change based on MI dmv/state fees. I set it at 400.
08 AM

Could you please show me the numbers for Florida? 7% tax on monthly payment. 39/15 all fees rolled in. Nothing out of pocket. Thanks!

I don’t know if the dealer would go as far as Florida. Do you have any lease cash down there? Conquest? Vpp?

Conquest. No vpp 20 20

489, 39/15, 0 drive off based on 200 DMV. No lease cash included, Conquest included

After @Precisionautoleasing pioneered the idea of using them in a title :slight_smile:

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Correctomundo. But I don’t like the siren, I like the flames.

I wonder with what @vhooloo will come up LOL

I have conquest. Cadillac. Also Genesis. Michigan plate transfer fees are $19 I think.