I'm talkin bout coffee

Terrible coffee!!?? Blasphemy! Stick to your Tim hortons in Buffalo then :grin:

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Both are $hit coffee I roast my own. Currently enjoying Brazil Santos lot 240, high grown.


New order coming at ya today

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I love Brazils, especially the naturals. Give Daterra Sweet Blue a try, Full City to Full City Plus, 3-4 days rest.

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The rest is the key brings out the true flavor. I have added this to my order. Going to snag 40lbs and see how our regulars like it.

Awesome, I’m waiting on a bean delivery tomm. Then I will be roasting I have to bring 5lbs on our vacation with us haha.

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To bring this full circle, maybe we can find a broker to get Brazilian coffee lots delivered at a discount. Hopefully the broker won’t be too greedy. Coffee is at a premium, so…


I buy my green beans through a coffee broker. Its serious business some of those guys make 7 figures.


$799 broker fee for $3,000 over sticker?


Plus plus - need to reup when I remember and get home

I get annoyed with having to do all the roasting before a trip but I’m reminded why I do it everytime I run out of coffee and drink Dunkin.

Been really enjoying this, medium and refreshing. Makes for a good espresso or anything espresso based.

Coffee Commissary | Don Isidro Nicaragua

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I was at Court St grocers in Brooklyn having a few beers when the guy at the table next to us starts making small talk. With the accent & everything, says he’s in the coffee business. Appeared to do well at it. I can imagine the spread can be profitable.

god ever since they changed the regular blend its like drinking freshly brewed battery acid. they should hand out PPI scripts with each cup.

Agreed but we can at least roast 40-50lbs an hour

Yea that is why Starbucks purchased farms to try and regulate profit margins. They really control bean costs.

I’m sure this will be coffee blasphemy, but I’ll post it anyway

My wife and I drink stok at home, far more often than I’d care to admit. It’s cheaper than a starbucks habit, but far from cheap. I’ve tried several times to make my own coldbrew… went out and got an appropriate grinder and an oxo cold brew maker, have tried to buy some at least decent sounding whole beans at the grocery store, and tried a bunch of different brew times/temps. Everything I get out the other end is undrinkable. Now, that’s probably because stok is my frame of reference, and maybe I’m asking why an aged port doesn’t taste like a smirnoff ice, but for the time being, that’s what the palate in my household likes.

Does anyone have any suggestions of what to do differently?


Also a Stok drinker, and your correct it’s a little expensive for what it is. I’ve thought about attempting my own as well, yet to commit on that front so far.

We started drinking it because we frequented starbucks way too often, and it’s probably 1/4 the price of starbucks. The only issue is having it at home means it’s really easy to just pour another glass. I probably succeeded more in increasing my coffee intake more than cutting my costs.


I’ll just echo - love the stok - the regular black in sweetened is great with milk. Makes it hard to
Drink anything else!