I'm Interested in Hyundai Kona EV Limited/Ultimate. Not having luck with dealers providing prices via phone or email

I’m looking to lease Kona EV Limited/Ultimate in NJ. Majority of dealers won’t even provide pricing on phone or email. Which dealer would you guys recommend?

I’ve basically just been driving around to all of them to get numbers. It’s not an easy squeeze in NJ right now. The dealers that have the most in-stock are often the ones that want the most for the cars they have.

It also comes down to which individual manager, as different managers at the same dealership may have different styles, or be in different moods at different times, which will impact the pricing you get.

As discovered by many here, it takes luck and patience to score these.

Move to a strategy of making offers.

Plug the following into the LH calculator after MSRP of the vehicle you’re looking at:

Selling price based on % pre-incentive discount found by searching Shared Deals and Marketplace sections of this forum.

RV, MF and incentives (lease cash) from Edmunds forums. Add any extra rebates you qualify for (college grad, etc) under incentives.

DMV fees and taxes based on your state’s official website.

Voila! Now check the box to make it $0 DAS and offer the resulting monthly payment*

  • preferably rounded to a multiple of $5 or $10 to make yourself seem more like a normal person :innocent:

Did You reach out to my dealer?

@Zenek’s dealer is one of the best options right now. If I needed a Kona EV, I’d swoop one of those sooner than later, given that CHARGE UP NJ is already 30% complete. If his connect runs out, I think I’m advertising the next best price (for now). Right now, the market is not stable. Not all the dealers are even price matching each other, and prices are subject to pretty big swings on this model over the next few weeks.

can you please pm me dealer info. I DM you yesterday but didn’t get any reply back

I just did it.

See if the Kia Kona EV dealers have some 2020 stock. You can get those for a good deal.

I do not think You can find any new unit in NJ or NY
There is 0 of them on cargurus

Also look at 2021 Kona EV’s as well. The limited / Ultimate is comparable to the Premium on Kia

Andy, lets do it. texted you but haven’t heard back. Zenek, connect sold the cars already.

DM me your phone number/text your username to 551-204-8712. Tons and tons of messages fly around, want to make sure I Have the right person. There’s a waiting list I’m chunking through on the EV Limiteds, your deal may not be processed until August, but happy to get you on the line and I’ll do as best as I can!

It doesn’t take luck and patience if you know your numbers. I was able to get the dealer to those numbers by knowing every aspect of the deal. I also just signed a 2021 Kona EV Limited for $0 DAS, $179 p/m. Your prices are insanely high, strategy is poor and I believe you are doing this community a disservice.


I’m glad you were able to find one well-below market!

What we’re seeing is a bimodal distribution of prices on these. Some dealers are holding very high, and others are letting these cars go for below sticker because they aren’t seeing the EV demand in their locale. What tends to happen, though, is that the dealers that go cheaper, tend to not have too many in stock for the deals to be repeatable.

Your $179 deal: are there any more at this price? Could you do it again? If so, I have a whole list of people that are interested!

I’m taking a trip today to visit more dealers and try to fight for lower prices.

so we’ll see them at MSRP soon or still a few thou over??


There aren’t that many left! Is there really anyone out there that has more than 2 of these in stock that’s selling them at or under MSRP in NJ this month?

I may have had bad luck finding the deal, but I keep talking to dealers that say “they’ve been selling great at $3k over MSRP, we don’t have a lot of inventory coming in, why should we give you a lower price?”. It’s hard to counter that logic.

Then you probably shouldn’t be charging people money for it. It makes you look like a quack. And I’m not trying to be a dick or anything, but it’s a little annoying that some brokers are held to one standard where you’d have to go through and put together a deal worksheet for someone and then get ground down over a couple of bucks, while others post a monthly, due at signing, and if anyone with the correct program numbers handy rebuilds the same deal, they’d see it’s grossly marked up over list. This nonsense shouldn’t exist, especially after the amateur-hour crap that happened in the spring.

If dealers are telling you that they’ve been selling great at $3k over list, that’s probably a hint that a) they’re gouging people and b) even if you sell at $2500 over list, that’s still gouging people! And, I promise you, people always remember those who gouged them.


can you provide a reference to dealer. i would take on that deal asap

Isn’t it your job to find deals for your customers? Why do you charge a fee for something anyone can walk into a dealership and get. I’m not a broker and I don’t negotiate leases for anyone but myself, however I do share my lease deals so people can use the information to their advantage.

Also, it wasn’t one car I found below market. It was two over the course of three weeks. The $282 Ultimate that you referenced is mine as well. I was able to get close with several other dealers but not to my deal that I researched and put together.

I don’t understand this logic. Cars sell for market value.

The mark-up comes from the same economic reasoning that allows for dealer discounts during “normal” times.

There’s a supply shortage, so the guys that sell the cars want to make more money per unit, and throw out the idea of being paid on volume.

I don’t think that’s gouging, I think that’s just hungry people that want to get paid and keep their businesses afloat. Maybe a $10k markup on an Elantra would gouging, but I am shocked and amazed at the volume of people that are paying $3k over sticker for basic Elantras, and how tight stock is on those marked-up cars.

Once there is enough supply of cars, nobody will pay over-MSRP for cars, especially Hyundais, and the dealers will be forced to lower their price accordingly, due to market pressure and competition.

In terms of what I’m doing… well… at least I’ve talked some of these dealers down from holding the entire $5k NJ rebate and marking up the cars a clean $5k. Could I hold the line below MSRP? Unfortunately, no.

Am I still finding deals and saving customers money when the cars are marked up over MSRP? Yes! I’m still advertising numbers that are marked up less than what I’m seeing from cold calls or walk ins.

If you’re putting in 3 weeks of work to negotiate one (or even two) car lease deal(s) - not everyone has the time or patience for that. That’s an above-average amount of effort for one person leasing a car (or two). If you walk into one or two dealers and are quoted $5k over sticker, and I can quote $1500 over sticker, some customers do see my $249 fee as a quick way to a $3500 savings. Can they put in the work themselves and get even better than my pricing? Absolutely. Community members here will always find a way. But if the prospective customer’s annual income is more than $250k/yr, my fee pays for itself after less than 2 hours of dealer back-and-forth.