I would if I only could

As I stated before, I don’t get why some people post this in the Marketplace. Does the OP or broker or dealer care why someone can’t take over their lease/buy a car from them?
So, post here when you see it, if you wish. I want to know every reason as to why… :grin:


I don’t know why people make those posts, but if I did know, I’d tell you


If this wasn’t silver I’d be all over it…
Darn 7,XXXX miles, I really wanted , 6800 mil or less. No deal.

Actual quotes, please!

We live in a time where people want to be seen and heard.


They could just say something like “nice car, GLWT” as many do.

On the internet we are all rich, highly educated, and former Navy Seals.


That’s not what they want. People want to be obscene and hard ?

I am tall and I am thin
Of an enviable height
And I’ve been known to be quite handsome
From a certain angle and in a certain light

Jeesh dont air out all my stats…Is that your drone that follows me?

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Oh, I don’t know. I think it’s just an expression of a wish. “I’d love to have that” is different, IMHO, from “Good luck w/ the transfer.”

It’s a free bump, and a compliment. Your post is equally arbitrary, yet shows you’re basically a dickhead. :slight_smile:

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Also, as an actual buyer (and not a troll), a forum is a collaborative source of information. Given that these are fairly significant purchases, I enjoy seeing depth beyond the individual post on whether a deal is decent. The interest of others to pull the trigger if situationally optimal, also provides that context.

Clearly you disagree, you take the time to quote and rant about others. That being said, you’re not the authoritative voice of capable buyers on here.

I’m guessing it’s just people offering their support of what they believe is a good deal. I’ve seen plenty of cars on the forum that I’d have snapped up if I was in the market for them :smile: . Rather than saying “good deal!” I suppose saying “I would if I could!” is a good alternative :laughing:


Darn I’d take this deal in a heartbeat if someone can take over the great deal I got on my $700 p/m tacoma


Nominate @Ursus for best thread ever

You are too new to know that I don’t rant

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You literally took a complimentary post by a stranger on a topic you’re not involved in and created a rant post about it. Because, why? It wasn’t directly related to personally buying the vehicle? You wanted to make them feel badly about not staying on topic?

I’m not new to purchasing, BMW, or technology. I’m not calling up a person directly to feed them irrelevant information. It’s a forum, which in nature is collaborative. I’m sorry you didn’t appreciate my feedback. I felt it helpful to potential buyers and a plus to the seller, and it’s my right to do so.

So you disagree. Because why? It wasted your time? So what exactly is this post, then?

In all honestly, I don’t care what your opinion is. What I do care about is that you’d take the time to berate potential customers on this forum because you’ve “been here a long time” and they aren’t adhering to your charter. Way to push people away, man.

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Whatsup guys :face_with_monocle:

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