I need my 2017's GONE, make me an offer ! (Financing Only: SILVERADO, TAHOE, MALIBU and TRAVERSE) | Your San Diego Chevy Product Specialist is now Here for You!

Hi everyone!

@ChevySoCal here to answer all of your questions and assist you with any GM-related product.
I can ONLY SELL Chevy’s but have access to Cadillac, GMC, and Buick info as well through GM resources).

I’m located in San Diego, CA and but also work with Orange County as well (Just took a trip to Anaheim, CA for a delivery yesterday).

I’d like to help out this fantastic community and offer my experience and expertise. General quotes and answers WILL NOT include tax license and fees (I don’t know everybody’s zip code). That being said, email me for a tailored quote including VIN, stock #, tax, license, and fees (100% transparency, no gimmicks).


J. Sack
City Chevrolet of San Diego
(650) 395-9598

Welcome. You’re going to need to register as a dealer if you haven’t done so already.


@mp11477 Thanks! Just registered :slight_smile:

What’s a lease for a basic corvette, 10k 36month. The most affordable corvette.

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Welcome to the forum @ChevySoCal

Thank you @max_g :grinning:

Hi J, I’m hoping that you can answer a few questions for me. I’m in Carlsbad, CA. I leased a 2015 Spark EV 3 years ago for $137/mo. It was a 39 month lease which is up in August. I’m hoping to get another great deal on a lease, maybe a Volt. The Chevy offer is $270/mo with 0 down, 0 first mo, and 0 security dep. The saleperson in Weseloh can’t seem to give me a straight answer as to whether or not this is available at their dealership. They do have a single car for $179/mo with $2000 down. I’m going to go look at it today when I drop my Spark EV off for a recall fix. I’m skeptical that this might be a bait and switch.


  1. Does your dealership offer the Volt for $270/mo with 0 down, 0 first mo, and 0 security dep?
  2. Does your dealership have a better offer than the one offered through Chevy?
  3. I have an inspector coming next Tuesday to inspect the vehicle. Does Chevy offer an early return program if you lease another Chevy? My wife’s Acura MDX lease ends in October, but Acura has offered us an early return if we lease another Acura. I only have two months of payments left, so not really that big of a deal, but just checking.


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Hi @Chi_Ahrens

The deals on the official Chevy website are usually a lot more expensive because they take less fees into consideration (from my understanding, someone correct me if I’m wrong but in my experience they’re always at least $1k more or so).

regarding your questions:

GM was literally giving the Spark EV away, a little bit like what Fiat is doing with the 500e. Why? I don’t know but they’ve surely stopped doing that when the Spark got discontinued.

  1. That deal most certainly doesn’t not include destination charge and all tax license and fees
  2. Let me work on it and I’ll get back to you within the next hour or so
  3. We have a Loyalty Program ($500) AND a Lease Comp. Program (also $500 discount) that your Acura will qualify for. However they’re not stackable. So you’ll have to choose one or the other.

Hope it answers your questions.

Let me know

You probably already know what that means :slight_smile:

they’re probably going to play the “you didn’t read the fine-print” card

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Just FYI, we’re not trading in my wife’s Acura for a Chevy. She wants a either another MDX or a RX350L. I’m returning my Spark EV, and looking for maybe a Volt. I would like a Bolt, but don’t want to pay $400+/mo. Anyways, looking forward to what you have to offer. My end of lease inspection is next Tuesday, so I’ll have only two days to decide on the May Volt offer(s), or roll the dice on whether there will be any better offers in June, July, or August.

The Competitive Lease Program doesn’t require you to trade in your Acura. We just need your registration that’s it.

Regarding the Bolt EV, unfortunately that’s kind of the new standard for the Bolt. Yes some people got it for about $8,000 one-pay last year but it seems GM has moved away from that pricing structure and slowly kept increasing the price


I am based in San Diego and am looking for a good lease deal for Chevy Volt LT lease (36 months). Currently I have a Chevy Cruze lease that is about to end. There are a couple of lease specials that I am seeing from local Chevy dealers.

Would you let me know the best that you can offer?

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Lol, my Dad always told me to be careful with those type of claims. But I’m assuming you personally checked and call every single dealer in a 200 radius right? :slightly_smiling_face:

What’s the Broker Fee ?

I checked your numbers and it looks like I’m able to beat him at least $10 per month on every single deal, be careful about posting false information please


@ChevySoCal, could you let me know the best deal that you can offer for Chevy Volt LT?