I have only 3 months left to deliver the Lease of a 2016 Toyota Corolla

I have only 3 months left to deliver the Lease of a 2016 Toyota Corolla.
I currently pay 230 monthly lease and I would like to pay the same or less if possible.

I would like to know if in this forum you can advise me what may be the best option yes.
1- Stay with the car and pay it?
2- Deliver it or take another lease?
3- Take out a new car and pay it simply.

I plan to do Uber please your best recommendations will be welcome.

What do you mean by “deliver it?”

Delivery typically means you take possession of the car from the dealer initially.

Are you referring to buying it out?


Well, thank you for answering me.
I mean to say that I do not want to continue with the lease, I do not know if you understand me.
When I ask about buying it is buying a new car and paying it monthly under a contract that is not a lease.

If you are planning to drive for Uber I’d be very careful with your mileage allotment. If this is gonna be a full time gig you will blow through even a 15k lease rather quickly. I lease 15k miles a year doing it part time around 16 hours a week total, and when combined with light daily usage for other things I will easily hit 45k miles over three years, if not slightly more.

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You have three months until lease maturity, not “deliver the lease”

If you want to drive for Uber, then you should buy it out. Can’t get much more reliable and low-cost overall than a Corolla.

It is true what you tell me, that I will have your calculations in your gutter, but then you would recommend me to pay the car better without lease.

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I have another question, I will start the lease contract in Florida but I am going to move to Dallas, I can deliver or renegotiate this contract in any place that is not in Florida where I start it.

Buying your existing Corolla out might not be a bad idea if it’s in good shape. They last forever, and for UberX they aren’t bad cars at all since you have decent passenger legroom. Just don’t plan on big airport trips or anything due to the relatively small trunk. Alternatively you could look into the rental/lease options available through Uber and other companies, as they usually include much higher, if not unlimited mileage, and even sometimes insurance and/or maintenance. Just make sure that the payment is manageable. Uber is a tough gig full time, especially on lower services like UberX. The money isn’t gonna be necessarily great in most markets. I do it for a little extra money in my free time in a car that’s already budgeted for with my primary line of work.

You cannot renegotiate a lease. It is a signed contract. I’m not sure what your obsession with the word deliver is, but you can take a leased car with you when you move. The tax rate will change when you move

Dear when I say deliver is not to continue with the lease, if you can help me with the correct word, I would appreciate it

You turn the lease in at maturity.

Thanks for your comment, I’ll keep it in mind.
It is true Uber x does not generate much money, I currently do it only on weekends, in another car that is not the Toyota corolla for the issue of miles.
But in the dealer when I went to see the different options, they told me that it is better to get a new car than to stay paying the corolla when the lease is finished. Because they told me that I would be financing an approximate of 15000 adding the dealer’s feet as an additional 2000 and I do not know what to do.

I thought this user name sounded familiar. There’s something up here. It’s either a language barrier or some kind of bot or AI.


Florida dealers will charge you the doc fee (as well as other fees when you purchase it at lease-end). Thus the extra fees.

Car dealerships and salesman are in business to sell cars, thus they will steer you towards purchasing a new car.

If you want to buy the car out, find the dealer with the lowest doc fee near you. Might save several hundred if you go to Georgia

If a while ago I made these queries but I saw that they took me as bad as a bot, I use google translate and it may be that some words do not sound the best way.
My apologies.

I plan to move to Dallas, have some idea if it is cheaper than florida fees.
As I could know which dealer is more economical in the fees, there is some online way to identify.

Texas dealer doc fees are usually lower I believe. Buy it out there. It will make taxes and registration much easier. You could call dealerships and ask for their document fee

I can terminate the lease in a different dealer to the one that starts it in a different state, I will have some additional expense, it is possible.

I can terminate the lease in a different dealer to the one that starts it in a different state, I will have some additional expense, it is possible.

I’m almost nervous to ask….but what are you currently paying for it?

You might have some equity in it so it’s worth checking to see what your payoff is (you can look this up easily on the Toyota Financial Services webpage) vs an offer from Vroom/Carmax/Carvana etc as another option to consider.

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