Hyundai palisade limited AWD NY under MSRP

2020 Hyundai Palaside Limited AWD
With Cargo cover, carpeted floor mats, tray
MSRP: $47995
Monthly payment: $619
Drive Off: $3067 (NY State tax 8.125%)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12,000
MF: 0.00165
Residual: 0.60
Incentives: $1000 dealer cash
Region: NE-NY
Leasehackr Score: 6.3
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

I think I may have been this guy first sale. My worst leasehackr score in 4 years, but a good deal for this model right now. First day best deal I could get was at MSRP (after incentive) volume in 100mile radius was about 7 cars. Tried to buy on Rodo at 567 but deal was bogus and they couldn’t do it. Used a Rodo deal at 620 to get them to come down on this one. Turned in my 2017 Santa Fe to them and they bought it I think $42 came to me via that deal as my RV on that car was good and the car was in good shape under miles. Would have been charged for something from Hyundai so not having to ground it helped. Good sales rep and the GM was a better experience than in past at hyundai dealers in NY metro area. Anyone looking for a deal, let me know they have a few ok lot and are willing to talk with within reason given then climate for the vehicle. If you don’t ask your paying over MSRP even after incentive. The first deal no money down was 702 I think it was 1500 over MSRP.

So far I am amazed at this vehicle. The tech is next level. We looked at the Xt6, Aviator, xc90 and mdx. This was the best value in the bunch for our needs/wants/cost when picking a 3rd row with captain chairs. It came down to Xc90 T6 inscription with advanced and heated seats package.

Not the best price on a palisade limited that’s came through here, but good to see more under MSRP.

Don’t forget to get the $500 post sale rebate from bonus drive


Little confused what you mean here by aggressively negotiated residual value.


Congratulations. What dealership?

Talking about his trade-in, so I believe he meant trade-in value, not RV. I could be wrong, but that’s how I interpreted it.

Sorry I think I got some copy/pasta in there. I just meant that I had a good RV and was in great shape.

Healey in Beacon

With a trip to CT and Max MSD and would have been close. Volvo would have been more in taxes and total lease costs. I liked this car better tbh.

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The Hyundai Palisade is a really nice car, I went to the auto show yesterday and was genuinely impressed by the interior.
The gage cluster when switching modes is a little laggy, but not a big deal.

The seats were very comfortable, not Volvo good but still good.

I think I’d the Telluride if it had the same upscale interior as the Hyundai.

They are making really good looking cars but they are not targeting the Leasehackr crowd at the moment.

Maybe in a year or two when the hype dies down we will see some decent incentives from Hyundai/Kia.

Thank you. Any specific sale person name.

Did you consider just purchasing instead of leasing? I only ask because of that LH score and wonder if that might’ve been a better way to go. (And I don’t mean to offend with my armchair quarterbacking! :wink: )

Who cares about the LH score? Infiniti would put a $70k sticker on this car and make the score artificially much higher. Don’t even get me started on the Germans


I thought about it but for me the lease worked

Yes, Kris.

The relatively cheap leases on the XC90 make it basically the only competition in the lease market to the Korean twins. Personally, I don’t fit comfortable in the XC90 due to the b-pillar design and my wide shoulders, so it wasn’t even a contender. Some of the tech in the palisade is better as well.

I don’t mean to knock your deal, but pretty measly discount (common for what people have been seeing). I was able to get $3200 off MSRP before incentives out in Suffolk LI

I don’t know that I’d call your deal common for what people have been seeing :wink:

Lol I meant that the discount that the OP got is what most people have been getting, not my deal :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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How was this a better value than XC90 T6 Ins? How are you calculating that?

IMO while the XC90 may be slightly more luxurious and a higher MSRP, I don’t think it’s necessarily a better vehicle. Size wise, the XC90 is smaller in legroom and cargo. I also feel tech is slightly better in the Palisade. Palisade also has second row cooled seats along with a powered 3rd row; something the XC90 is severely lacking (not just non-powered but not even a strap)

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