HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 4)

Pretty sure you need a dealer login to access the portal that way. You need to link directly to the current month’s document for people to access it.

I just grabbed this and copied pasted - but the document link here should work if you follow back this comment - having issues on my phone


There goes the margin and broker fees :frowning:

When we pay state sales Tax, state where full tax is due on the lease amount , what amount we should be paying the state Tax on ?
#4 on the sheet Total of Payments or something else ?

Is there any region that acquisiton fee waived?

New numbers makes one pay ~$2200 higher on a $65k Sahara wow.

Technically, I believe you should be paying tax on downpayment + taxable rebates + 36*monthly. YMMV

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I tried above links and they do not open for me. Picking up Jeep at Chapman and was wondering if anyone had lease numbers for Jeep 4xe wrangler 36 months (or whatever is cheapest) 12k a year. Any incentives? Pennsylvania pick up Trying to not get ripped off

Chrysler capital is best I believe

Is this common?

Fuel door and Gas cap opened fine at the pump 2 days ago, but now the fuel door is stuck. I see some plastic cap in the trunk which i think I can pull and it should release the fuel door, but I can now just use a screwdriver to open the door easily too. “check engine light” is what i am more worried about. Anyone else experience this and can this be fixed easily?

This is common, seen it mentioned in Youtube videos. Make sure you have all the latest software.

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For 12k 36 month

MF is .00296
Rubicon RV 61
Sahara/HA RV 59
Military incentive of $500

Alright, time for me to ask the hivemind for advice:
I’m the one who walked into a dealership in August and said “I want that 4xe Rubi” and didn’t do any homework first. Y’all helped me fix that problem and I banked a little less than $2k off my flip.
I ordered a keeper from @Clutch (a phenomenally smooth and easy process) with everything I wanted and the price at the time was even less than that first lease.
Now with the insane MF hikes/RV dips over the last 2 months, and my build being stuck in “scheduled” for 60 days, that lease payment is WAY more than I want to pay every month.
Is my best bet trying to pivot to an inbound unit from Clutch and see if they’ll be sweet enough to give me the same type of discount? Or walk away from all of it and try to find something that’s in stock somewhere else and aggressively go for 10% off or more if I get lucky? Or keep my order and sell plasma every month to make up the difference?
For reference, I ordered a Rubi with leather, safety, and SOT.

I’d wait on your order. There could be bonus cash acq waivers or other incentives and you won’t know until it lands.

Deals are only going to get better in general as inventory piles up but it’s only until year end that you can for sure get the 7500 off on a lease.

Are there incentivized rates for the Wrangler 4xe now?

If not, at .00296 = 7.1%

Also would like to know. I have one done that’s been waiting to ship for like… ever… scheduled 11/21 delivery.

2023 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4xe Earl Grey - cloth w/hardtop

These are the current #s for an order in CA for my friend. It’s crazy. Is this worth it?

Is this still flip worthy?


A discounted single pay is $26k on only a $63k sticker🤢

The discount is too small.