HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 4)

The taxes too high

Like the 1M leaving CA now…Come to FL or TX😁

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Try Financing it instead of leasing it. Then collect EV rebate in January 23 through IRS.
Leasing rates are too bad now plus ACQ fees…

Haha. Your High Altitude one-pay was like half that, right?

Mine was. I think his was better.

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Me realizing I could have been driving the car I want for so much cheaper.

Feds increase the rate by ,75 points today and more coming in next 2 months. Its going to get ugly in coming months as far rates goes…

Basically Feds telling us stop buying these cars if you cant afford it…

(Referring to the fuel door you press a button to open and not the fuel cap that you need to turn & twist to get off)

Yes, you can pull that string but pull to the side and not straight out. Better yet, check the diagram on your manual that was in the glove compartment.

My fuel door opens but the Jeep CEL code says its stuck in an open position. Took it to the dealer and they ordered a new part that should get there tomorrow.

I COULD afford it…but now I’m in the process of accepting that it could have been so. much. cheaper. Which hurts since I’ve always wanted a Wrangler.
I guess an alternate option is look for a cheap Frontier deal or something like that and make do for another year.

I had actually forgotten, so you made me look. It was a total of $11,888 including tax and wheel and tire coverage.


Very nice deal!

They are trying to tell us all to stop buying anything if we can’t afford it.:crazy_face:. And because we are so dumb and keep spending $10K over sticker for cars, they have to keep ratcheting everything up, lol.

I don’t wish for this to happen, but I have a feeling that the time is going to be coming where people who have cash to spend will be golden. As interest rates go up, at some point discounts have to start coming back in and if someone is paying without having to worry about financing, interest rates won’t really enter into the decision.

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It was honestly the same one anyone could have gotten at that same time👍

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It’s unbelievable to say this, but does buying a wrangler now make more sense (if there is any sense to be made) than leasing?

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I am thinking if we do get into recession summer or fall of 2023 and if lot of Wrangler inventory sitting at dealership new or used their might be a fire sale just like we saw during early Covid. Lot of these local dealerships are start getting their orders and they not moving. Parking lots are full again with New and used inventories and higher interest rates are hurting them. In my state, 2 months back they dont have a single 4xe and now I can easily count atleast 100 new between few dealership. Some still has none or maybe 1. Most probably EV credit will go away starting Jan 1…
Cash is King…

Yeah I guess an alternate option is to see what vehicles get the EV credits come January 1 and if Jeep isn’t one of them there will be a lot of dealers ready to give high discounts by the Spring.

please god no. no more people. go to TX. they have lovely oil derricks there.

data points from the SoFla market - base hardtop sahara’s going for high 53’s or 54 tops. base rubi’s for 56.5 or 57 tops. things getting very dicey down here.

53k to 54k for a base Sahara with hard top is not that bad. Must be 60k msrp.

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Just for yucks I ran one of mine through Carvana (I know…low ballers), but they came back at $40k for a heavily optioned 21 Sahara with 8000 miles.

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