HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 4)

@Nypharm :joy: yours

Haha yea one went to texas, 2nd one have no idea. Lies at first then ghosted.

Is anyone else still waiting for their 22 4xE to be delivered?

Edit: Mine is delivered to the dealer but apparently has a stop-sale on it because there is a recall on it with no remedy available.

have you tried autonation? offer online in a few minutes and they have a few dealers in Westchester county. their offers go s been pretty strong for me

Anyone get this unsolicited letter in the mail from Chrysler?


Have You tried all these?

Sold my 392 to them. I worked with the one in Nashville and they were great to work with. They give you half the equity check when you drop the car off and then send the other half when they get the title.

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What Orlando dealer?

I know Ford dealers here in Orlando used to buy Mach-E Selects from up north as they could mark them up $5K to $10K and up there they sold them at MSRP back in 2021.

I got this letter today also. I just glanced at it, I don’t know what the hell it means though.

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CT Jeep,
Thank you. Talked with AN - Jaguar Land Rover in White Plains over a month ago and at that time, the offer was under my buyout.


Thank you! I tried a bunch of those links, but just tried some of the others. Will await to see what they come up with. So far, they’re under my buyout as well…

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As expected another MF bump this month - up to .00296 and a 2pt RV drop?? Ouch

Dammit. I should’ve tried for an in-stock unit.
Is the RV drop for both Rubicons and Saharas?

Probably but I don’t remember what the Rubi RV was in Oct

can you post the link for the Chrysler November numbers

36 months 10k miles rubi 62 sahara 60. Mf .00296

Yes RV drop for both by 2 points

I got this letter and have no idea what it means…

My CCAP account shows closed and satisfied in full though.

For my22 or my23?

2023 jeep 4xe