HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 4)

There was a list online dealers somewhere who would buy your car. Does anyone have it handy? Thanks

are you trading in without registration?

Anyone notice any more 23 vs 22 differences?

  • wrangler sticker on both passengers and drivers side have an American flag and no longer say “unlimited”

Also posted Previously, one light and brightness dial instead of two, and USB and USB-C ports in the backseat (though I may just have missed those previously)

sales report - 2022 high altitude with SOT and advanced safety. $64,750 msrp.

every online car buy was between $56k and 57k except for givemethevin who was at 57.5

carfax was at $57k.

most local jeep dealers were all at between $56k and $58k. some local dealers were at $52-53k. one was at $49k.

sold to a local jeep conglomerate for $60k. they REALLY wanted me to take $59.5k but i held on for dear life.


what is a jeep “conglomerate”

The included charger for the 23 is different than my 22

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I got an email from Jeep that my 2023 Rubicon built is done and they will be shipping the car to the dealership. Any idea how long the process takes? I didn’t sign up for the affiliate code yet… so just wondering if it’s too late to sign up. I know the code have to be valid for 30 days to get the additional 1% discount. Please advise. Thx

It has been almost 3 weeks since it has shipped for me, and dealership has not received the Jeep yet. I would say you still have a chance if you sign up now. Mine was shipped on 9/4

Mine shipped right away within 4 days of being built it was at dealer so it all depends. Your code won’t be valid until 10/24/2022 if you sign up today. All depends on dealer and when your jeep arrives. I would sign up asap.

they have a network of local jeep dealerships in the area.

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Nice job! How many miles?

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It all depends what area of the country you are in, how far your distribution center is from your dealer, where in the distribution center your vehicle is parked. There is also a possibility (not to make you nuts) that your vehicle was scratched or damaged while in transit (or was in a row of 5 vehicles that were damaged, as happened to my 2021 that I never took delivery of) and is being repaired.

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Really ? Just looks wise?

Finished our deal with Ourisman. All as promised. BUT, I still don’t think they got the sales tax correct. I’m in Florida, and my RAM lease is taxed at 7%. They were adamant that the tax on the Jeep should be 6%. I fully expect the paperwork to get bounced and end up paying that 7%. Jeep should be here Monday - reign Sahara 61k MSRP, 36/10, 540/mo, 1500 down.


This is what my 23 looks like

Thats what my 22’s looks like

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I imagine you are shipping it? Who are you using and what did it cost?

Getcarrier. 975 to Tampa. I put it up on Shiply as well and best price was only 25 less. I can send you contact info for the guy I dealt with if interested.

Keep in mind we’re well into the great snowbird migration.

Interesting, i could have swore the one that came with my 22 was different and didn’t have the status lights. google image search for OEM chargers didn’t show me anything other than my current one.