HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 4)

Only $1500 bonus cash :man_facepalming:t4:

Can someone please tell me what is the difference between ccap and stellantis lease?

You want a ccap lease not stellantis. You can only buyout ccap. In the great lakes region right now, rebates up to 12,000 which includes private offer on a 23.


Sure that’s true if everything else is equal. But things are not always equal. I’m seeing Stellantis leases to be ~$25 per month lower. So you need to value how much the ability to buyout the lease is worth it to you.

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I am looking to sell my wrangler lease and can’t find a title. Does Chrysler capital keep the jeep title? Will I have issues when selling?


Not for third party sell out.

Thank you! I am selling to a Ford dealer and he said to bring the title. When I couldn’t find it I got a little nervous.

Data point

65730 msrp
23 rubicon
soft one touch

5000 miles

$57k to local Jeep Dealer West

Other offers:
AN: 51,557
CM: 50k
Lithia: 42k
Local dealer #2: 47,500
Carvana manual appraisal: 47,300


What’s a good discount in todays market to aim for? Searching for a 2023 Sahara

Solid deal especially with the mileage. I’ve been targeting 10k off and in some cases got a little more but even more impressive with the 65k msrp.

Why target a 22 when you can get into a 23 for 8-10% off sticker?

Are there even any 22 wranglers out there anymore?

Looks like a few hundred kicking around. Less than the GC for sure. But these have been sitting for over a year in most cases.[]=jeep&maximum_distance=all&mileage_max=&models[]=jeep-wrangler_unlimited_4xe&monthly_payment=&page_size=20&sort=list_price&stock_type=new&year_max=2022&year_min=&zip=01778

Looks like there are no incentivized lease programs and theyre offering no incentives beyond the $7500. Youd be insane to try to lease one.


These are purchases only for those making less than $300k couple $150k single who can get the tax credit. Some dealers want them gone and are discounting them deep. I would love to find a way to lease one and get the $7500 pass through lease credit and then by it out. If anyone knows of a solution to this for a 2022 please let me know.

Considering how generous incentives and rebates and discounts are on 23s where you’re already almost 20k off sticker in some states for the buyout and get better values being a year newer, I’d make sure you use that as a benchmark if you’re really going to chase 22s. But residuals are still showing for 22s on the CCAP docs.

You lease it and then buy it out. Its simple.

Its also simply insane to do that on a 22 when you could instead do it on a 23 with much more incentives.

I was referring to 2023’s. I will edit