HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 4)

Thanks a lot, so it does work for only new inventory, not build orders? And is there any price difference between ordering or just getting something from new inventory at this point?

If your built order arrives before the expiration it will work. I don’t think the special offer will be going away based on Jeep inventory levels

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In terms of under invoice, does anyone know what 5% under invoice equals to off of original MSRP?

From my math, it seems invoice price is roughly 2% under MSRP?

Generally 2-3% but you can calculate it from the most recent order guide too.


Did anyone do the 2023 FORM recall yet? I just noticed it pop up in the app
Maybe they will do a buyout like BOLT haha wishful thinking (to get out of negative equity now) hmm not a bad idea though talk to Lemon lawyer perhaps :thinking:

Why would they do a buyout for a software update?

Like I said 'wishful thinking"
And what if Software doesn’t fix it…

It’s not trying to make form not happen, just improve its behavior.

It also includes some quality of life improvements, like making it so it starts in electric if you parked it in electric.

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It used to kick in and go back to EV mode… but lately when it’s activated it stays on ICE mode

Sounds like you may have progressed from step 1 of form to step 2 of form.

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I meant when driving, FORM kicks in and it used to go into EV mode while still driving, but not anymore… until you end the drive, cycle/start the Jeep and EV is fine, but once it kicks in while accelerating harder on the pedal it doesn’t go back to EV while driving.

That would be step 1 of form

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Anyone having issues getting service done in NY?
3 dealers already refused to do recall and oil change etc they claim they don’t have a hybrid technician

Hope these two can get along.


Really digging the Willys 4xe trim.

I really miss the wranglers.


First impression is that the default smaller screen and cloth seats are a step back but I love the Willys look especially with Punkn.


Do you have a dog, and if so, is the dog hair sticking to the cloth seats?

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No dog but I would expect that’s a risk with any cloth seats.

Don’t I know it :disappointed:

For the CARB credit, this is the $7500 federal tax credit, correct?

Or is this a separate credit in addition to the $7500? And does the amount vary by state?