HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 4)

Hi , does anybody have Chrysler capital link ? Thanks


I know this thread is mainly about flips but for those that didn’t, how’s the 4xe on a commute? Mall of Georgia Jeep is local to me and the Wrangler 4xe still doesn’t seem like a bad deal if I can make the numbers work.

yesterday Carvana give me $45000 on my MSRP $72000 Rubicon.

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I’ve been daily driving mine since March. It’s a wrangler, so it’s not the quietest ride out there and between the box like aerodynamics and the solid axle front suspension, it wanders a little more on the highway than other vehicles, but I still quite enjoy it.


Yikes. Was it a ‘23? Was that a manual appraisal?

I’ve put a little over 15,000 miles on my '22 Sahara 4Xe since the end of March. I’m very happy with it. I drive 65 miles per day 5-6 days a week to work. I drive my son to and from hockey practices & games 4 days a week. The rink is 9 miles away, so sometimes I put an extra 36 miles on the car just doing that. It is comfortable, very easy to park (compared to the long bed Tacoma I had before it), passes with ease on the highway, and is very economical. I average between 30 - 35 mpg (including charging up every day). For the $508 per month I pay for it, I don’t think there is anything else on the market I would enjoy more. I’ve even opened the SOT when it was in the 30s with the heat on, heated seats & heated steering wheel.


location/region? FL?

lots of people selling and making money still. I think it’s only really dead if you’re in a tax upfront kind of state or VA-type-of-tax on whole sales price, unique situation, etc.

23 Rubi with cold weather, black hard top, and safety at 66k post MSRP increase.

Offer 1 - 50k
Offer 2 - 60k

Both Jeep dealers.


region? SF?

I only buy EVs on the west coast lol.

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not a manual appraisal, 2022.

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Carvana has offered me $50k for a stripper Reign Rubi ‘23 $61k sticker. Northeast region.

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Does the NE region ever get strong offers from Carvana? That’s terrible.

Was offered $40530 for a $71k msrp 22 rubicon from Carvana, nope!. I’ll go full term. One pay was only $13900. I think even my residual is like $46k ish.


so fla

way way way less than before. and way way way less money as well. hell even insurance rates have practically doubled.

I had a few dealers in NoFla offering 55,56,57 (and 59 where I sold) on a 63k Sahara

you’re very special and i’m sure your parents and family are very proud of all of your achievements in life.

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Thanks. Point is there’s still money on the table it’s just more work than “order car and sell to first online buyer you submit to”

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