HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 4)

Thanks. Point is there’s still money on the table it’s just more work than “order car and sell to first online buyer you submit to”

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The Mach E I sold them a couple months back got shipped to North Carolina so I’m guessing until the Adesa infrastructure is integrated (if ever at this point) the NE will suffer from added transportation costs.

Every once in a while. I sold my '23 Rubicon 4Xe to Carvana for slightly over sticker last month.


Anyone deal with Mitch @ Ourisman get their plates yet? I’m 2 months without, asked him status 2 weeks ago and he asked me for pay stubs for the affiliate code I used. Finance person emailed me today telling me the plates were being held and they needed 240$ more. I told her deal was done 2 months ago, I want my plates, go scratch, but I’m not really sure what my action would be to actually get them?

Same boat here. I told the title clerk that the dealership has to eat the penalty fees since Missouri requires it to be registered in 30 days and the sales team was well aware of this issue at delivery.

I’d call him and ask him to call his tags team. A bit of a black hole but he was able to get them to help me on sending out what I needed.

you got above sticker with Carvana? How did you manage that

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TLDR; got my plates in 4 weeks after pressuring them.

I caught them using a fake email on my profile (to avoid survey scores) and used that leverage to get him to do my plates. It was three weeks in at that point and the following day, it was sent to the state DMV. Surprisingly I got two refunds from them related to overpayment of registration fees. Not sure if the second one was related to a refund from CCAP for payoff overpayment but I think that’s unlikely.

Speaking of surveys, has anyone actually gotten the post-sale Stellantis Survey for Ourisman?

That is the only dealership that I never received one after purchasing.


hErE aT ouRisMaN wE sHoW eVerThInG nO hIdInG aNyThInG


What do you mean a fake email on your profile? They listed a fake email on your contract?

No survey for me…

If you see smoke, there’s probably a fire.

I’ve been in that fire recently.


They used a fake email ( for my Customer account in their DMS which is what Jeep/Sirius either pulls from or gets a data feed of. That email was on file for my Uconnect and Sirius profile and I had to send proof of ownership to have the email changed.

It was apparently a manager who pulled this crap and supposedly fired but I never got a name of who that may have been. The finance manager who I worked with is still there who tried charging full markup on rate and acquisition fee.

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Ourisman is fkin shady, they called me on my way home from picking up the car asking me to make the first months payment, Mitch emailed me a few weeks ago asking for paystubs, then this finance reject emailing me this morning asking for money for my plates. Kinda feel like I got Ourisman’d a little.

We were playing with fire - had to get a little burnt for that shiny discount he was waving around.

Seems like every time a issue comes up the one responsible no longer works there, ya right


I honestly have no idea. Good luck I guess. Did a manual appraisal. ‘23 Firecracker Rubicon with Cold Weather. $61,780. Sold it to them for $62K. End of October.

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Been waiting for a manual appraisal on my 23 Wrangler for a week now, just got this message from CARVANA:

Your patience is much appreciated. It is a pleasure to come across a vehicle like yours. However, we are not currently extending offers for that specific year/make/model for inventory purposes. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. We hope you consider Carvana in the future for any vehicle purchases or sales.

Sounds like they are no longer buying Wrangler 4XEs.

What region?

Just dropped off 2023 white Rubicon with hard top only option. MSRP $62,885 GMTV gave $58k for it in NC.

Glad to get it gone, was getting some scary low offers!