HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 3)

Because the dealership gets charged back, and I signed a document saying I’d keep it for 6 months

Lot of them are flipping in 3 months or 3 payments.
Believe charge back is like $250 or so if it goes that far. Its 3 month that 6 month wont stand in any court. But I am not a lawyer . But its your decision.

What I am saying is that I’ve had the Sahara for 1 month at this point. I don’t really care about $250 charged back to the dealer and I know they won’t take me to court. They just won’t sell me the Rubi when it comes in and I’m out my broker fee.

Did they told you upfront that they wont sell you the Rubi you orderd if you sell your sahara within 6 months.

$1k gift card which dealers are participating?

doesn’t work for all areas. google here lists 3 pages of junk car buyers and scam auto shops. Cash for Cars, We Buy Junk Cars, Junk Auto Specialists, etc… its 4 pages down before you get to an actual car dealership.

They never explicitly said they wouldn’t sell me another one, but that has been the going dynamic from what I’ve gathered through this thread. Does anyone have experience with clutch’s southern dealer?

Try really hard and you shall succeed.

just making a point its not quite that easy.

Also for those freaking out, for the f of it, I plugged my vin into Carvana for my 66+k 22 HA with 1200 miles, 51.7k offer. It really depends on where you are, but like I’ve said before on here, NJ requires some leg work to make any money. HAs are also not ideal for flipping, and my intention was to keep it anyway.
I was going to sell this to a local dealer for 59k 2 weeks ago, but the low monthly has me in a bit of a privileged problem that I’ll deal with as I see fit.

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Carvana will not give me a value for the life of me. I’m assuming it may be because there is no auto check record. It says a rep has to review and nothing. :expressionless:

Log into your account, and then it will give you a number to text.

Text them and they’ll ask for a picture of your registration and window sticker.

You’ll have an offer back within 48 hours

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MMR actually went up on Rubicons by $100, not sure the sky is falling yet


The other component to the model year change over is spring/summer is Jeep season, so just like last year we will see a pullback in fall/winter.

This whole thing turned out to be not a problem at all. Local Carmax offered $54,000 on a $55,785 MSRP with no title issues.


So far, on my $64k MSRP ‘22 Hydro Sahara w/hardtop, safety, adv safety, cold weather, tow, and camera, I’ve got $48k from Carvana and $45k from Koons via LC’s request form.

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got a 52k offer from Carvana on my '22 HV Sahara (soft top, cold pkg.) 57k sticker. Am hoping for 54k but at least have a floor

Been getting a lot of 52k offers on basic Saharas and one 54k this weekend. Agreed that seems the floor.

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who gave you 54?

LC’s buyers have been lowballing lately