HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 2)

Ditto, waiting on information on Reign, Gobi, and High Velocity.


I noticed the there are zero production updates on crypto stickers today (1/14). Does anybody know if they paused production?

I haven’t heard anything about a shut down, not that that’s a definitive answer.

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His and hers!


It seems like the CS website just hasn’t updated in a while. Even the builds that technically have build sheets available from 1/13 still don’t have any actual build details available when you click them. It’s like the site hasn’t refreshed in over a day.

But :man_shrugging:

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Quite ‘snazzy’!..(couldn’t resist). Bet that gets loads of compliments.

Thinking about pulling the trigger on one of these to hold me over. Does anyone have any experience with car seats? I’ve got a front and rear facing right now, not sure how tight it would be.

Like any vehicle, it depends how tall you and your passenger are and where you like to se the front seats. I’m 6’5” and would have no problem with a front-facing carseat behind me, while my 5’2” wife would have no problem with a rear-facing seat positioned behind her in the passenger seat.

Is this like the GMC commercial where you bring home both 4Xe Wranglers, she runs outside, & excitedly proclaims: “I’ve always wanted a RUBICON!”


I’m 6’8”. My daughter is 41” tall 3 years old and we had to put her in the back middle in her forward facing seat (I’ll send pics when I get home).

My wife is 5’7” but isn’t comfortable sitting against the dash.

A rear facing seat, or second seat would never work for us.


I actually had this pic from my carmax appraisal


Anyone had anything canceled yet besides the guy in the other thread? I’m curious at what point they would cancel the order. When I ordered my last one the dealer asked what the purpose was because Stellantis may ask the usage and or cancel it due to multiples.

We have seen two people report cancelations. Both were people with multiple orders and a recent sale of a previous 4xe lease.

Guy on TRX forum said he had 10k miles on his 21 trx and it got stolen. Ordered replacement 4 months ago and ram canceled it yesterday.

At the dealer now - paperwork done, tags done thinking I’m about to leave when they said they wanted to charge it for an hour to follow manufacturer’s recommendation- is this really necessary? It already has 20% battery

Awesome this is super helpful. I’m thinking even for a few months 1 forward and 1 rear would be terribly uncomfortable…

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Curious about the address thing also, they must go by last names. People could be roommates living at the same address so if 2 different people living at the same address order one each, someone’s gets cancelled?

The issue seems to be ordering multiples immediately after selling one. I don’t think anyone has seen anything suggesting that if two people at the same address each ordered one it would be an issue.

I’m currently worried because I have leased two stock units after ordering my 2nd.

I haven’t sold either yet, but also don’t have a build date on either order.

Ordered 11/20 and 12/15 (one for me; one in wife’s name)

Leased 12/17 and 1/14 (one for me; one is wife’s name)

Both orders are with Chapman, so I’ll keep everyone updated.

Fwiw I think my issue was an isolated one. There was no VON for my order so while I was told it was the dealer that cancelled, I’m a bit skeptical but its impossible to know what really happened l.

I will be placing an order with Chapman and will let folks know how that goes.