HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 2)

The discount codes seem to no longer work. I think I’ll just have to shell out the full $100 for it.

Seems awesome if you’re looking for a 2nd or 3rd car that’s fun – for like, actual Jeep things – and you want to keep the cost down. But I really can’t come to terms with daily driving a car in 2022 that has manual door locks and manual windows.

Thing is that with the $7500 cap cost reduction and low MF on a 4XE, you could get a Sahara or even Rubicon 4XE with no options, and it’ll be better equipped and basically the same price as a Willys + a few options. Remember a Rubicon 4XE has a 65% RV for 36/10k right now.


Who is picking up at Dan Cummins today? Just drove by and saw (2) Tuscadero 4xes with white bows on them.

I know this may apply to an extremely small subset of people (or nobody at all), but just as an FYI (maybe others know this already, idk):
You cannot sell someone else’s car to Autonation even with a FULL power of attorney.

Learned this the “hard way”. On the other hand, I am now shipping my dads 4xe back to Arizona for $1000, where he’s been offered $1500 more than in South Florida, so in the end it kind of worked out for us. He’s having surgery in Arizona so can’t come back to Florida anytime soon.

Per salesperson/buyer, Corporate says since it’s a lease they cannot buy it with a POA, since it’s owned by the bank. The POA sale would work if the car was fully paid off though. They said lessee must be there in-person.

It’s odd. You can buy and lease/finance a car sight-unseen, but they can’t buy it from you remotely. Not sure if just Autonation, or others too.

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We are leasing a late '21 Willy Sport. Pretty annoying to have to reach back to unlock the rear doors. That’s probably the worst part. I could live with the manual windows and mirrors, but the manual door locks are terrible. However, the payment is cheap and this Wrangler won’t be around forever. May jump into a GC 4XE once more is known.

I don’t think that’s been working for the past week

So are people ordering the GC 4XE without even knowing the price or MF or anything? Is so what is the assumption on MSRP?

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Ordered a 22 Rubicon 4XE in hydro blue with black hardtop and safety on 1/7 with Gupton. I’ll drive it until ordering opens for Gobi and then flip. The Gobi will be my keeper. According to European press release, Stellantis plans on offering Gobi in the Spring. Any know if that would hold true in North America as well?

@martoaj is dead on. My sister was looking at the Willys with the high RV. By the time you throw a few options on the Willys, the monthly isn’t too far away from the 4XE which comes fully equipped, the $7500 rebate makes it easier to get rid of if you don’t like it (RV will only help your monthly, doesn’t affect the buyout price) and you get way better gas mileage with the hybrid.

Just ordered a 22’ Rubi yesterday thanks to @Clutch. Dealer tells me ~75 days to arrive. Delays will increase as you add tech options like offroad camera, safety group, advanced safety group, etc. If all remains consistent, monthly is $345 before tax, 61k MSRP.


what colors are avaliable right now?Does anyone know when will limited color will be back?

Everything on the builder besides tuscadero, and no one knows when new colors will be out yet

Plus Snazzberry I believe. I might be wrong though.

Snazzberry is still available as of the 1/12 order guide

Sahara only right?

I should have clarified as Snazzberry being available but currently not on the online configurator.

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Correct. Don’t think it’s ever been an option for the Rubicon and ha

Ah, gotcha. I’ve seen a few people under the impression snazzberry was gone from being able to be ordered, so figured that what you meant.

I think it is available