HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 2)

Don’t pay any attention to this. Total fabrication.
The real answer is 4 - 40 weeks.


Very accurate…

If you want a good chance at getting it quick, your best bet is going with Soft Top or the 3 piece Black Top. Those are generic tops that’ll go on any color.

Seems body colored hard tops and SOT are taking much longer


Mine is at chapman as well, they were very slow, finally got through to Richard and told me they have 65 cars that need to go out to customers this week and they’re totally booked out like till next week Wednesday. Told them to mail contract instead.

He told me the same thing. I just took a Friday appointment.

I wasn’t paying enough attention to driving and would’ve rear ended the car in front of me, except my car braked for me. So advanced safety forever.


Anyone have reports of any color matched hardtops being produced yet?

My granite ordered 12/3 just got to Chapman yesterday. Along with 66 of its closest friends.

Also really frustrating that the ACC cancels when car is stopped and then car starts to roll. Would prefer to have it come to a full stop and just stop until you accelerate or reset. Idk who thought it would be a good idea to have the car start rolling 3 seconds after coming to a full stop.

Why do I have a feeling Chapman is going to go thru the same ordeal Gupton did last summer/fall when they stopped taking orders at some point?

They are a high volume dealers. Why would they do that?

Do I understand the typical process of registering to sell?

  • Pickup/delivery with temp tags
  • Get power of attorney docs from dealer (allow a few weeks??)
  • Register vehicle with state (instant)
  • Sign up for title (a few days to a week?)
  • Now sellable/transferable?

21 or 22 4xe?

A 12/3 order is a 22

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Is anybody talking about the UL Sport and UL Sport Willys RVs? 71% on 36 mos. 77% on 24.


I would have already ordered a Willys Sport if there was an option for power windows.

I know that statement eliminates me from being a true Jeep guy.


All, a small allocation update for this month from my FCA contact:

  • Grand Wagoneer production shifted to 95% 3.0 Turbo. Something is going on with the 6.4. It could be that the factory wants to get the new drivetrain online or there could be some supply issue. Unfortunately, there are sparse details on the new motor. No info on power figures, etc.
  • The Cherokee plant is still closed but opens on the 18th.
  • There are no new Wrangler colors available for allocation this month.
  • GC 4XE is open for orders. Trims are Limited, Trailhawk and Summit. The allocation period spills into a 3-month production period (March-May).
  • The Toledo plant is backed up but Wranglers are trickling through.
  • Anything coming out of Canada (Charger/Challenger/300/?) is very very backed up.
  • Delivery delays seem to arise because of overfilled holding yards. This is where vehicles go once they are built. They’re too full and there are too few drivers to deliver to dealers (blaming shortage on Covid). There is also a supposed railcar shortage (again, blaming on Covid). I was told once a unit is KZ’d it could be up to a month to actually get to the dealer, depending on where it is in the country.

That’s all I’ve got!


Don’t forget Willys Sport lacks power door locks and power mirrors as well.

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We (wife and 2 kids) had nothing but a Willys Sport gladiator for 2 months before we got our 4xe. It was annoying at first to stretch back to roll down windows for them but they’re surprisingly reachable and we got used to it.

Of course now that the 4xe is here we almost never even turn on the gladiator.

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The thought of having to stick a key into a door after having keyless entry the last 5 years is almost nauseating. I’m sure their use case is different, but how could you pay for a car in 2022 lacking such a simple feature?

I’ll piggyback since someone asked, Advanced Safety should also be a mandatory feature on these. It’s ridiculous that adaptive cruise control and auto braking aren’t mandated into cars by now. My 2013 Explorer ACC operates flawlessly and we have come a long way in those 10 years tech-wise.