HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 1)


to those that have generated 2 control numbers. I went and generated my 2nd control number ahead of the potential 10/1 date in case I order something else and can get affiliate if they honor. But the new control number doesnt show up. The redeemed one does. I got email and everything showing the control number so I think I am good. Just wondering if anyone else noticed this.

I know the original recommendation was Gupton dealership, but I’m having trouble getting a response yet. I’m sure they are busy with a lot of these requests. Has anyone tried Clutch Auto deals? Any negative experiences with them?

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There’s a review thread for him and his deals. He’s very highly recommend. @Clutch


I tried searching for that and found this link… but its a broken link

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We just got one of our orders from @clutch and it was extremely smooth and simple process. Car is being shipped and should arrive home on Friday. I’d definitely recommend them too.


Clutch was as simple as could be. Very responsive. Walked me through everything. No pressure. I’ve had my Jeep for a few weeks. Highly recommended


Lol this thread is 5000 posts long and I’m pretty sure 1000 of them are people recommending Clutch. The dealership he works with in the south is great. Everyone is super friendly and responsive and everything handled over docusign.

How long from the time you listed it for shipping until the time it got accepted / picked up? Mines been at the dealership for a week with no drivers accepting it yet.

The car arrived on Wednesday I think. We did paperwork on Friday evening and the guy in charge of shipping got back to us on Monday, somebody accepted the bid tuesday and arrives friday. Was told we’re a popular route as well so that makes a difference, maybe.

For sure, I’m in CA so probably not as popular of a drive. Dealership did say there is 6 other vehicles coming this way so hopefully someone picks it up soon. Thanks for the info!

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I’m having the same issue. Car has been ready for a week and has not yet been picked up yet by shipper.

Anytime, Sir.

Yea I think demand is high and driver supply is low, just like every other thing in todays world.

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I saw from the start shipping was going to be a crapshow so I just flew up and drove back.

Ordered Sarge Green Sahara through @Clutch.
8/3 - Ordered
8/11 - Vin#
9/2 - Build
9/3 - Sticker
9/8 - train to Louisiana
9/16 - @ port
9/29 - advised still at the port, been super patient in the process but I’m beginning to wonder if anything is going to change on terms, affiliate, and other fees on 10/1 :grimacing:

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Are there any negatives to driving the newborn Rubi from Gupton to Los Angeles which is approx 2,000 miles and 20 hours of driving?

I love the idea of taking her on an immediate adventure but I’m concerned that it might be too much at once for the brand new engine.

I did that twice, not a single issue. 1) make sure you seat the fuses right at the dealership (even if they say they seated them); 2) for the first 60 miles, keep under 4K rpm, then let it rip.

If you have time, there’s a few badge of honor trails on the way back


Sounds like an awesome trip - just keep in mind it’ll be more than 2k miles and 20 hours if you want to make it interesting, since there are a lot of great spots to take the Jeep on the way that won’t be right on the highways.

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