HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 1)


Yea I think demand is high and driver supply is low, just like every other thing in todays world.

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I saw from the start shipping was going to be a crapshow so I just flew up and drove back.

Ordered Sarge Green Sahara through @Clutch.
8/3 - Ordered
8/11 - Vin#
9/2 - Build
9/3 - Sticker
9/8 - train to Louisiana
9/16 - @ port
9/29 - advised still at the port, been super patient in the process but I’m beginning to wonder if anything is going to change on terms, affiliate, and other fees on 10/1 :grimacing:

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Are there any negatives to driving the newborn Rubi from Gupton to Los Angeles which is approx 2,000 miles and 20 hours of driving?

I love the idea of taking her on an immediate adventure but I’m concerned that it might be too much at once for the brand new engine.

I did that twice, not a single issue. 1) make sure you seat the fuses right at the dealership (even if they say they seated them); 2) for the first 60 miles, keep under 4K rpm, then let it rip.

If you have time, there’s a few badge of honor trails on the way back


Sounds like an awesome trip - just keep in mind it’ll be more than 2k miles and 20 hours if you want to make it interesting, since there are a lot of great spots to take the Jeep on the way that won’t be right on the highways.

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Co-signing this. They were amazing every step of the way.

It’s beginning it’s journey to SoFlo! Pics provided by dealer. I’ll send more photos when it arrives to Miami! Thanks @Clutch

Going to be an awesome surprise for my sister.


Aside from the row of wranglers, look at how sadly empty that car lot looks. I just can’t believe how low inventory is everywhere.

White with Saddle looks sharp! :ok_hand:t4:

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you also aren’t supposed to hold the engine at a steady RPM for extended periods of time, so you’d want to avoid cruise control.

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I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it (mine’s is granite, my sister in law has always loved the white hard top - her parents got her one) but man it looks sweet.


it’s ridiculous… but I’m not upset about it. Had it not been for low inventory I never would’ve ordered my first Jeep and would definitely not have learned about ordering cars and the discounts that come with it. my fiance has a BMW x1 and she’s about to reach her mileage with 5-6 months left on the lease. It’s been nearly impossible to find something until I got in contact with @leasecompanion and now we’ll likely be ordering a beautiful Audi A5 Coupe for her by tomorrow.

To each their own but idk how anyone could NOT love the saddle brown on this thing. It’s so sweet.

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I’ve had my new 4xe for 3 days and getting warning messages about seatbelts, airbag needs service and autopark being disabled message flashes. All happens after a few minutes driving and doesn’t matter if in the city or highway. I alerted the dealer and have an appointment for next Monday already. Anyone else have this happen?

Is this one of those fuse seating problems?

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Could be, check your fuses. They need to be pressed in quite hard

Jeep has been processed and is scheduled for pickup in the next 2 days. +1 rec for Clutch’s south dealer.
$600 shipping from dealer to Miami, should be delivered by Monday (fingers crossed).
ordered 6/23, delivered 10/3 (I hope)…


FYI 10/3 is Sunday so if that was the expected date maybe you’ll get it Sunday :slight_smile:

fyi. my jeep arrived at 10:20 pm on a Saturday night. so you never know.