HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 1)


Ordered 7/21 with Clutch, Stingray on Saddle, body color top, both safety, cold weather, gorilla, anti spin diff, and the elusive all weather mats.

Went D->D1->D->D1.

Build sheet found today, Jeep chat says it’s in shipping stage with no dealer ETA. Everything there except the all weather mats, which was also removed from the latest POC the dealer contact sent me on Friday. MSRP has increased $685 since ordering after the removal of the mats.

It depends on the dealer and their protocol

Some will not honor the 1% additional

It depends on if they have proper proof of locking it in before hand


Finally was able to get ahold of Gupton, they’ve got over 100 cars delivered and they are going crazy lol. Schedule my pickup for Saturday 10/09. They booked out for this week.

Ordered 08/31. Delivered this week. I wasn’t expecting that to happen at all, too fast haha.

I hope I can get the numbers from September, will see if Renee help me out get the paperwork going.


Same here. I did the credit app today and sent them some docs and asked to get it closed in Sept so I can get the acquisition fee waived.

I haven’t heard back from her yet.

How far along did you get with the paperwork?

Just chiming in for anyone who doesn’t like carrying around the refrigerator sized groin impaling Jeep key in their pocket.

I just got this replacement key fob this week and holy hell, it’s SO much better now.


I went for the model S and love it! Took me about 10 minutes in total to do the swap, but so glad I did.


I would think you haz enough fats covering that region

Is it odd that I like the way it feels?


That’s pretty cool. Prior to joining the Jeep craze, I was a fairly loyal BMW fanboy. Now being in the Jeep community and their forums for 6+months, I’m convinced the BMW community has nothing on these crazy jeepers. Aftermarket key fobs lol.


I didn’t mind it too much, until it stabbed my wibbly wobbly bits when the key popped out. I ordered the replacement FOB sitting in my car while still wincing in pain.

You got punched in the d by a key?


He clearly needs some extra protection.


Signing tomorrow on my 4xe. Trying to decide which way to go with the lease.

CCAP one pay is $12,750
CCAP 36/10k is $433/$0 DAS
US Bank 36/10k is $393/$0 DAS

I do intend on keeping this and I haven’t heard great things about US Bank with regards to lease returns. I don’t plan on flipping it so market based buyout with US Bank is not much of a concern.


What is the MSRP for the 4Xe? Rubicon or Sahara

Who got the numbers for the grand Cherokee 4xe?


If you can swing the one-pay and you plan to keep it, that makes your monthly effectively around $350, which I’d say is pretty darn good. Out of curiosity, what have you heard negative about US Bank?

Wow god blessss. People thought I was happy to see them, nah sorry that’s my Jeep key fob in my pocket.

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We’ll send notice to Mrs. Bostoncarconcierge

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not as much punched, more like stabbed I suppose?

Least you still feel something down there -

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This discussion took an odd turn

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