HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 1)



Do you know if NJ is considered northeast for CCAP?

It’s been a 1% difference since I’ve been trolling the forums since around June.

bro watch out you’re not allowed to say 1% on these forums, the mods are gonna ban you


Where did it ship from/what state?

A Jeep dealership located in the southern region of the United States.

Vroom just low balled me on my 4xe rubicon. $52k on a 59k build.

I thought vroom stopped buying out leases? Seems sort of pointless it as a data point for most cases here.

Offer is valid for 7 days or 250 miles starting today. They’re still buying in my neck of the woods.

You’ll find out they dont buy leases after submitting info online


It is going to a port first, then ships to the dealer and from there dealer ships to me. Crazy logistics to buy a car but it is happening!

I am hoping to get my 4xe before month end and I ordered 8/4. I want to flip mine. Are people still making decent $$ on them? Or is it not worth it anymore?

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Getting a Sahara and a set of 33s (Rubi take offs) for off roading. Best of both worlds.

90% street vs 10% off roading for me. I might even do a small lift.

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So more than you paid for it is “lowball” now? Wow. Quite the market, indeed.


Fellow flippers, did you guys need registration under your name to flip? Or just drive straight to Carmax to do transaction with the dealer registration on the windshield?

The car needs to be registered/titled first.

You cannot pick up the car at the dealer and drive it straight to Carmax lol

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Have some fun with it before you flip.

The Sahara has a nicer ride and is quieter, but not to a huge degree. The leather in the Sahara compared to cloth in the Rubicon does make a big difference in the interior if you don’t option leather. The Rubicon gas engine seems to come on a lot more often in typical driving, probably due to the gearing. I enjoy driving the more rugged feeling Rubicon more, but it sounds like the Sahara would better suit your needs.


Rubicon is the best looking one but if you not a serious off-roader, it just makes no sense to pay for those features and live with those features that will not be used.


Never traded in something untitled or unregistered before but this makes sense… however, when I called the local Carmax the business center told me they can buy it without title or registration. Any truth to this or when I bring it in I’ll be hung up somewhere along the process.