HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 1)


Nope. But the lot boy was sure it had it. LOL

If this isn’t common for anyone else, I may have to look into this in more detail.

No kidding? Must be an early run. I think its required now!

All you need is:

And tazer or jscan - here are the instructions to connect to head unit:


Ok so may jump on the XE bandwagon as everything else on my radar is failing but this is definitely a long read and with a recent move and baby due soon no time to get the vehicle deal done myself.
Can anyone recommend a broker that can get this done for pickup in GA or near by? What’s been the average lead time for you guys from signing to getting the car delivered. Need a vehicle before January 2nd so was hoping for some guidance.


Anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks :man_shrugging:t2:


Prob more like 8-16 now :confused:


Thanks @chimax

How about when you take the front doors off, go for a ride and then there is no way to unlock the passenger doors without using the unlock button on the key fob. Thought I had locked my children in the
Car the first time when I didn’t have my drivers side door to hit unlock :joy:

That’s what the roof is for


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This is super funny, but seriously the information is so conflicting right now. Now if you can finance with the Chinese government, why not?

@Bostoncarconcierge and @vinny are you guys not concerned about the Sky Touch roof and snow? I was planning to order Sky Touch but then got talked into the hard top b/c I spend many a winter day up in the mountains skiing. Advice was not to risk 3+ feet of snow piling up on the soft top. Thoughts?

I believe its a hard top with an electronically retractable softop underneath. Best of both worlds.

Damn the one option I am regretting is the one touch roof. Now yoy guys are saying it’s good to go. Especially since I am in Socal. 🥲

I’m kinda kicking myself for not paying the additional $1500 (over body color hard top) as well.

As a long time Bronco reservation holder, they sent me a gift for being so loyal. I thought I would put it to use today with a couple of my favorite recent hacks (along with an older hack in the background).


I had a softtop before the sky touch. But I can’t imagine it’s a problem in the snow it does have metal supports, it’s also a thick canvas material.

This is why I went with the one touch top. It’s expensive but I wanted to go topless on a dime . That and I park outdoors in my condo complex and don’t have access to a garage where I can store various different tops etc.

Open and Close top on a whim!

It also looks nicer with the body colored sides to match the rest of the vehicle

@Denzel_Vargas it is not a hard top with a retractable soft top underneath. It’s a Premium Acrylic Twill Material. I guess we’ll all find out how it handles with piles of snow on top this coming winter. If we get snow. I was looking at it at the showroom yesterday and I think a significant amount of weight will make it sag some.

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I was totally mistaken then. My fault!