How To Buy Out Your BMW Lease

If you leased your BMW in 2018-2019 chances are you’re surfing this forum and wondering how you’re going to afford $150 more per month for the same model you got two and half years ago.

Programs have changed (a lot) during that time and with the long term effects of COVID and all the production shortages, the market has completely flipped on its head in the last 4-5 months. Most models are selling at MSRP and many others are getting large addendums of $5-10k over MSRP (Telluride…are you kidding? It’s still a freakin Kia! :rofl:)

So, here we are. You’ve decided it doesn’t make sense to turn in your lease and get something new. But you still need a car and you’d rather drive the one you know, than take on someone else’s previous problems. So what do you do? Do you call BMW Financial and just get the loan from them? Do you get a check from your bank or credit union and send it directly to BMW FS? Neither. And I’ll tell you why…

Option #1 - Buying direct from BMW FS

The simple fact is, when you buy your car directly from BMW FS, it’s not actually “direct” at all. They use a third party company and the financing rates they offer are not the best in the market. If that wasn’t reason enough already, they also don’t do anything with the DMV so you get the insanely fun task of dealing with that lovely organization and all the headache that goes along with it.

Option #2 - Going through your bank

Okay so your bank offered you a better APR than what BMW FS was giving you “directly”. That’s a good start but you still don’t have anyone handling the paperwork or doing the DMV (if in CA). You’re on your own to make sure everything is done correctly and you don’t have the option of rolling the registration into the new loan either. That’ll be another out of pocket expense.

Option #3 - Contacting me directly (or another trusted BMW Client Advisor)

This is the only option a BMW lessee should consider when thinking about buying out their existing lease. Not only will you have an advisor making sure everything is done right, you will also have a finance manager that can make sure you know what the options are for long term warranty and protection products that you may want to consider. We do the paperwork, we take care of the DMV (in CA only) and we get you a better APR than if you went to BMW FS “directly”. Almost all of the required documentation can be completed via DocuSign and you never even have to visit the dealership. It really is that easy.

:pencil2: To find out what your options are, please feel free to call, text or email me directly. Or you can simply fill out my Special Request Form for a quote.

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approved. Great info, thanks Dave! If someone hadn’t literally just hit us two weekends ago, we might have considered this :laughing:


It’s a shame BMW doesn’t allow for negotiation on a lease buyout, as they can sometimes be ~ $10,000 over market. This benefits the lessee for the term of the lease, but makes buying it at the end less financially savvy.

Wouldn’t going through a client advisor incur additional dealer fees?

Good question and the answer is no. Even the $85 CA doc fee is removed on lease buyouts. It’s simply lease payoff + sales tax and license.

In regards to your other comment, that might have been nice a couple years ago like when I had to turn in my M235i Convertible becuase the buyout was $9k over book! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: But in the last few months, almost every single car had a higher book value than the contracted residual. And that’s awesome because BMW will use the lower of the two. So you’re actually buying out your lease at the best time.


On the flip, BMWFS isn’t coming back and asking you for 10k more for your retail payoff because your car is now worth more than they anticipated.

Works both ways.


In retrospect I think leasing is generally the right option for me anyway. I’d rather have a newer car with set payments than have to deal with out-of-warranty repairs. Although I will consider buying my i3s lease out at the end since at that point it will no longer be in production. Sometimes BMWFS will offer a discount such as $5k below the lease buyout with a year of CPO warranty so there’s that too.

I’m missing something (I just emerged from 6 consecutive 30-minute meetings, so I’m kind of numb).

Are you talking about lease-end buyouts?

Or are you saying I can buy my BMW with 11 lease payments left, now, for book value, regardless of contracted residual?.. or I could buy it for residual, now, without making the remaining payments? … whichever is more favorable to me?

Incentivized payoffs are only available in the last 90 days of your lease. Anything beyond that would be residual + remaining payments = payoff.

Sorry @trism. I should’ve clarified.


Thanks. Sounds like I had at least two adjacent brain cells still working. :slight_smile:

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Great info! It will come in handy if I can’t find a new car by end of November…lol

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Looking forward to assisting @Vinay :slight_smile:

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Looking to buyout the lease on my 2019 BMW M4 CS. Looking to do ASAP. The lease is up on October 11th.

Question for you guys. When you buy out your lease, does it have to be a check or wire? Or can you finance it or pay a different way?

If buying out your lease through me, it would be financing and you can use a check or credit/debit card for any down payment you want to apply.

Hello, I am interested how can I get started?

This is my logic too! Altho, I didnt think I’d be so sad turning in my 3 series last Saturday! But did I really need to be lassoed into out of warranty mechanical expenses?

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I like that you take the legwork out of the process, but I’m a bit worried about differences in the APR between you and my own bank. How would the interest rate you’re offering @BMW_Dave compare to the rate I’d get with my bank? Are you able to tell us what terms your financing?

Yes. I provide a complete and accurate quote to anyone that fills out the request form.

Can I use a credit card for the entire 25k payoff?