List of Lenders that Allow Lease Buyouts without Dealer

As new car prices soar, many lessees are finding it worthwhile to purchase their leased vehicle at lease-end to keep for several years, or in some cases, to sell it immediately for a profit. It could be considerably cheaper to buy out an existing lease than to pay the market price for an equivalent used car.

The terms of the purchase option can be found in the lease contract, but in general, the purchase option amount is always the residual value of the lease. On top of that, there may be a nominal purchase option fee, plus the usual taxes, license, and registration.

Unfortunately, some lenders are requiring lessees to go through a dealer to exercise the purchase option, instead of selling the vehicle directly to the lessee.

Once at the dealer, lessees are finding that dealers are charging bogus fees and sneaking in thousands of dollars for what amounts to paperwork. Below is a list of lenders, organized by those who do and do not require lessees to go through a dealer, in order to exercise the purchase option.

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Lenders that REQUIRE Lessees to go through a Dealer for Purchase Option

  • Nissan Motor Acceptance Company

Lenders that ALLOW Lessees to Directly Purchase their Leased Vehicle

  • Audi Financial Services
  • BMW Financial Services
  • Chrysler Capital (Florida)
  • GM Financial
  • Honda Financial Services
  • Toyota Financial Services
  • VW Credit

Note: Ability to purchase directly from lender may depend on state. For example, GM Financial customers located in AZ, AR, CO, FL, HI, KS, NC, PA, SD and VT can’t purchase their vehicles directly from GM Financial; residents of these states will need to visit a GM dealership to purchase.

If buying out your leased vehicle through a dealership, do shop around to find a dealer that will charge the lowest fees. If the cost is minimal, it may be worthwhile to go through a dealer simply to not deal with the DMV yourself, and to explore financing and warranty options (See How To Buy Out Your BMW Lease).

This list is based on community submissions and is subject to change at any time. THIS LIST IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR CONTACTING YOUR LENDER TO CONFIRM.


It’s worth mentioning that there are some states that have requirements that you go through a dealer, even if the brand doesn’t normally require a buy out in this fashion. Nissan/Infiniti requires you to go through a dealer, regardless of if you’re in a state that doesn’t require it.

For example, I can attest through personal experience that Audi and Hyundai allow you to buy out directly in most states, but require you to go through a dealer if you’re in Florida.

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Thanks for the plug Michael! I’ve already assisted so many people that found me through the Lease Buyout Guide. It truly is a simple process and much more efficient than trying to purchase your lease from BMW Financial “directly”.

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I updated to add that Chrysler Capital did not require me to go through a dealer in Florida.

Anyone interested in buying out their Nissan/Infiniti that doesn’t want to go through their local dealer can go through me if they’d like.

The only fees we charge on top of tax, dmv and the nmac/ifs purchase fee are a $599 doc fee and $180+tax multi-point inspection.

Alternatively, if you’re just looking to cash out a bit of equity on your car, I may be able to save you the headache entirely.


Is that offer good for NY/NJ locals only?

I’d prefer anyone outside of PA or the tri-state area refrain from contacting me so I don’t have to deal with the extra paperwork but…if they’re willing to make the drive from further than that I wouldn’t turn them down.

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