How To Buy Out Your BMW Lease

No we’re limited to $5k on a credit card. And I don’t assist with cash buyouts. Only financing.

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I still have another year left on my lease that I got from you Dave. I am seriously considering financing at lease end and I’m glad I found this post. Right now with the chip shortage and how uncertain the economy is I might just keep my current vehicle instead of looking for another lease/


Following, I’m in the same situation, my current lease will end in 16 months…

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Keep in mind that you can buyout your lease anytime but I can only assist as your liaison in the final 3 months. Sometimes I can get an exception with 4 months but no further than that.

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Can you elaborate incentivized payoff? Does that mean my last 3 lease payments could be waive absorb some how?

No. It just means that in the last 90 days you may see a different payoff depending on the market for a particular car model at that time. Of course right now, most cars are worth MORE than the residual value so it doesn’t apply very often.

Thanks for this great post. You nailed it, my 2018 340i lease is ending soon and I’m trying to figure out how to navigate my first lease purchase.

@BMW_Dave I’m interested in your services, but trying to understand the structure of the arrangement. If I live outside of CA, is the only advantage that you can offer a better APR for financing compared to BMWFS? Or can you help submit the paperwork in Colorado also? Because I could always just buy out the lease from BMWFS and once the paperwork clears I could refinance with the cheapest bank on the internet at no cost (no prepayment penalty). Altra Credit Union is the best in the US for motorcycle financing so I use them, but not sure who is best for auto loans.

I’d be extremely curious if you can negotiate a better deal than the average Joe like me. I have a 2018 340i RWD ZHP (!!!), manual trans, and 19,000 miles on it. The buyout is $38,270. I’d love to discount the residual a few thousand and buy it out. Let me know how you could get me to a better outcome vs. doing it alone. I hit t minus 90 days to lease end in December.


That’s definitely not happening.


@jefferim unfortunately the lease payoff is not negotiable but I can still get you a better APR than if you went through BMW FS “directly”. Of course, being out of state you do lose some of the benefit of going with me which is the coordination of the DMV process. We don’t do any out of state DMV work so you would be doing that (and paying the sales tax) on your own.

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Thanks for this very helpful thread. I have a slightly different question: my 330i lease ends in December. Can my local BMW dealer buy the car directly from BMWFS…and that will require me turning in the lease? How will I “benefit financially”?

@BMW_Dave Only the leasee or BMW can buy out the lease (no third party buyout). If there’s equity to be had, is it likely that the BMW dealer will let you roll that equity into another vehicle?

Trying to decide whether I should shop my car to local dealers or just buy it out and flip it to Carmax/Vroom etc

If they give you a trade in value that is greater than the lease payoff then yes you would be able to roll that equity into your next lease or purchase.

If you decide to buy out your lease only to sell it to a buying center, keep in mind that you will be charged sales tax on your purchase so that may absorb any equity you would otherwise have in the car. Doesn’t usually make sense.