Honda Civic LX/EX/EX-T

Year: [2017]
Make, Model, and Trim: [Honda Civic LX w/ CVT] [Honda Civic EX] [Honda Civic EX-T w/ CVT]
Make, Model, and Trim: [Honda Civic Hatch LX w/ CVT] [Honda Civic Hatch Sport w/ CVT] [Honda Civic EX]
Months/Annual Mileage: [36/12K]
Zip Code: [60076]

I just got a 2017 hatchback sport cvt in WV
MF .0008
Residual 61
Msrp 22935.00
Price 21650
Our tax is 5%
That residual is for 15k miles it’s 1 point higher on 12k miles both for 3 years leases

I put 1000 down that included the first payment and my payments are 251.45 for 15k miles x3 years

12k would have been 238

I believe but am not positive the residuals on the ex sedan were the same and I’m almost positive the money factor for all civics right now is .0008. I priced a few diff ones and they were all around the same price. As far as ex sedan, ex hatch back, and hatchback sport. When I say around same price I mean monthly all pretty much 230-260 a month range including taxes with 1000-1250 down. I just picked the one I wanted most. The sport has a few less tech options but has nicer wheels and ground effects, paddle shifters, center dual exhaust. It was a hard choice cause ex wasn’t much more a month and had all the tech goodies. I went with outside looks over interior options. I’m happy with my choice.
If you need anymore info let me know

Also all the hatchbacks come with 1.5 turbo motor, which I like. Some of the sedans have it but are higher priced.

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Thanks for the input. I am having the same issue with deciding between Sport and EX. At least the EX comes with 17’s instead of the LX 16’s, but those 18’s are real nice on the Sport as well as the dual exhaust.

I think I came to the conclusion that I’d prefer the hatch over the sedan also. The sedan actually looks pretty close to a hatch in the first place, plus the standard turbo on the hatch made it a no-brainer.


Civic Sedan LX CVT: 62% RV, .00080 MF
Civic Sedan EX CVT: 62% RV, .00080 MF
Civic Sedan EX-T CVT: 62% RV, .00080 MF

Civic Hatch LX CVT: 63% RV, .00080 MF
Civic Hatch Sport CVT: 63% RV, .00080 MF
Civic Hatch EX CVT: 63% RV, .00080 MF

Targeted: $500 grad, $500 military

Awesome, thanks Michael.

Any chance you could give me the same for 15k/36mo?

Just deduct 2% from the 12k RV.

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Isn’t it 1% from 12K?

Let me know when you guys decide.

Any idea of how much Honda charges for extra miles? Like 20K a year total?

With Honda, to go from 12K/year to 15K/year, subtract 2% from RV.

If you want more miles than that, lower the RV by an additional $.10/mile. For example, for an additional 30,000 miles on the lease (total, not per year), lower the RV by an extra $3,000.

Sooo for say 30,000 additional miles like you mentioned, on a $22353 MSRP Civic EX-T, the residual would be more like 52% at $.10/mile? Will Honda buy back any miles I don’t use above the standard lease miles? Say I buy 30k extra and only use 20k will they buy back the 10k extra? Sorry, new to all of this. It’s looking more and more like leasing and driving 30k plus miles a year won’t work out too well even if it’s a business vehicle. Yet I know people do it. And buying and driving 30k a year blows as well. Ugh.

No, they don’t buy back miles. You have to estimate how many miles you’ll drive over the 3 year period. Honestly, if I were you, I’d buy rather than lease. If you’re racking up that many miles a year I’d guess a lot of it is highway miles which doesn’t cause as much wear and tear on the car. Also, these Honda’s last forever. My Dad has a 2011 with over 250k miles on it. No major problems. Just follow your maintenance schedule and it should last.

Also, I’m sure you’d have to get at least one new set of tires with that lease and you don’t get money back for remaining tread on the tires when you return it.

Or buy from one of the CPO programs that have unlimited mile warranties.

Just bought this trim yesterday, was told $0.15/mi over, for what it’s worth.

I see a bunch of 36/10K leases advertised. Is there an increase in residual for a 10K lease over a 12K?


Of course there would be an increase in RV for lower mileage. From 12k to 10k, the norm is 1% higher.

So I’ve finally settled on the Civic Hatchback with EX trim. If anyone else is comparing the EX (which is $700 extra) and Sport trims I put together a list of the differences. I can’t get a stick (no one else in family would be able to drive it) and even-though I love the 18" rims, center exhaust, and leather wrapped steering wheel and shifter on the Sport trim I’d prefer the extra features on the EX namely:

  1. No recommendation for premium fuel
  2. Honda LaneWatch
  3. Heated Mirrors
  4. Moonroof
  5. Push Button Start
  6. 180 Watt 8 speaker setup (as opposed to 160 Watt 4 speaker)
  7. 7" touchscreen (as opposed to 5" non-touch display)
  8. Android Auto/Apple CarPlay
  9. SiriusXM and HD Radio
  10. 1.5 Amp Charging port (as opposed to 1.0 Amp)

Anyway, since there aren’t really any incentives on Honda’s it’s pretty much how big of a discount you can get the dealer to give. I was wondering if anyone has bought or leased a Civic hatch recently and if so could you post the discount given off of MSRP. Thanks.

Hey Michael,

Could you please post updated numbers for April.


Just wanted to post the final deal I got. I got a Honda Civic Hatchback EX for $207/month with first month, doc ($172) and registration fees ($221) up front. My tax rate is 8.25%. I did qualify for the $500 recent grad rebate. Without it I’d probably be around $220/month.

You should be able to replicate if you push hard enough. I had one other dealer pretty close. I think it was about a 12% or 13% dealer discount.

As far as the car itself, I love it. I got the Aegean blue, which I find gorgeous. I’m coming from a 2013 Civic LX Sedan and the upgrades over the base LX are well worth it in my opinion ($2,500 increase in MSRP). I would have liked tinted windows, which I’ll end up spending $200 to have done. The pickup of the turbo is great. The driving dynamics are stellar. My old Civic was so bland. Kinda reminds me of my Honda Prelude (but, not quite).